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6 months with the BES900

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  • 6 months with the BES900

    So I have had the BES900 for six months now, I make at least 4 double shot lattes a day and many more on the weekend.

    I stopped remembering how much coffee I put though it when I got to 20kg.

    Thought it was time to talk about long term use experience.

    First things first I love the BES900 and I am very happy I chose it.  The cofffee is still getting better!!!!

    I think I will start at the top.[list bull-blackball][*]The cup warmer- nice design the lip is big enough to keep my range of cups and glasses from slipping off accidentally but not too big, could be hotter and I am not sure I like it draining in to the tank filler risk of spilling something into the water tank (this happened when a flood came from the cupboard above the BES900)[*]The front filling facility make filling the BES900 easy but does impede on the cup warmer capacity[*]Buttons are excellent and all functions are easy to access[*]The pressure gauge easy to read perhaps too easy (see the many entries on gauges)[*]The hot water tap could be easier to use in addition the volume available is small as it is feed from the brew boiler is a bit too small to make tea and even a long black some times[*]The steam knob is a triumph:- the built in micro switch and infinitely adjustable steam along with the arm just work [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif][*]The actively heated group head along with the inbuilt auto on function make morning coffee an absolute joy and the consistency means that my first extraction is usually drank.[*]I recently started to get the PF falling out during extractions, I took the group head assembly to peaces and realised that I (or should I say others) had become sloppy with cleaning and the seal was dirty a quick wipe and problem solved.[*]The PF is cast stainless steel and feels good and works well, looking forward to the bottomless[*]The hot water comes out close to the grouphead which has seen some drips falling in to my wider cups[*]The steam wand is easy to use and clean, much has been said about about the power but I find I can steam the correct amount of milk for my double shot lattes and the time the extraction takes, why do I need more power?[*] The water level with built in LED again just so well I nearly forgot other machines dont have it.[*] The drip try is big and easy to empty[*] The accessory draw make every thing look neat and means I havent lost a single accessory which I think is a first for any appliance purchase in our house[*]The wheel thingy works but I have to say why when you can fill from the front so easy[/list]
    Overall the BES900 has taken forward my love of coffee and still much to go, I havent started to experiment with any setting but knowing I could excites me and I am looking forward to the next 6 months of coffee and beyond

    Other early adopters should and there long term use thoughts below.

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    Re: 6 months with the BES900

    Hello ED - Ive had my BES900 for about 2 months. It has been a joy. Just wanted to provide a reason for the "wheel thingy". She who must be obeyed doesnt like mine to be out in the open where I can use the cup warmer and easily access the front fill. Accordingly, it is stashed in a corner of the kitchen bench under a cupboard. The wheel thingy makes it easy for me to roll it forward so that I can front fill without fouling the cupboard. Very nice.