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sunbeam intuitive 8910 fault

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  • sunbeam intuitive 8910 fault

    Hi My machine needs to run clean cycle.
    It prompts me to set to "preground" mode which I do but it does not register this is done.
    so keeps prompting, wont make coffee, very frustrating.

    does anyone know if this is a simple repair?

    If i take it to local repair centre I pay $70 for them to have a look and give me a quote.
    Last time took nearly a month to get quote then another month to fix

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    Re: sunbeam intuitive 8910 fault

    Hi Chris,

    Does your owners manual have anything to say about this in the troubleshooting section? They sometimes have advice such as switch unit back on while holding button X

    Assuming the manual doesnt tell you NOT to do the following.....have you tried a) switching off at unit, then off at power point the switching these back on. b) switching off at power point, then back on. Youve probably tried this...but how could we tell?