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Gaggia Classic Problems

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  • Gaggia Classic Problems

    Hey everyone, i have read lots of topic on here about the gaggia classic. many seem to get great coffee from it.

    But i never have, i have had the machine for years and years. and never once got a thick creamy coffee from it.

    It always comes out fast and watery with no crema or just the slightest hint of foam that dissapears in seconds.
    I have tried many different coffies over the years, many different grind sizes. putting different amounts of coffee in at a time, tamping at different pressures.
    I even did the OPV mod for it.

    But i am getting about 150mls in 20 seconds, from the double. No idea what to try next.. i love my coffee, and dont want to give up on this machine.

    Any help or ideas would be great. i am sure it is my fault, but cant think what else to try.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Problems

    You get your beans from where?

    You grind your beans with What?


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      Re: Gaggia Classic Problems

      Hi Luke

      you havent said much about your beans (how fresh, where from?) nor your grinder. You may be doing it right, but I have to ask! The problem could be anywhere in the process from bean to machine so a bit more info would help.

      Originally posted by 456D7860617B7C675A67646461666F080 link=1331766942/0#0 date=1331766942
      But i am getting about 150mls in 20 seconds, from the double
      this is a gusher! It sounds like you need to grind a lot finer to slow it down. How many mL are you aiming for in how many seconds? How much finer can you go on your grinder?


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        Re: Gaggia Classic Problems

        first set the pressure via the opv, simply disconect the solenoid valve (or install a blind filter) and measure the return line flow rate in 30 secs. Your aiming for 130ml with a ex5 pump. Once that is set play with your grind and try different fresh bean to assist in crema. IMO this is an awesome machine


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          Re: Gaggia Classic Problems

          In the absence of any more detailed information the answer is quite simple.

          Stop buying all different kinds of pre ground coffees from the supermarket.

          They are invariably ground for stove top espresso not pump driven machines, and will cause the symptoms you have observed.


          If you have your own grinder...grind finer.

          If you are using a cheap grinder eg anything under about $150.00 Australian , it is the wrong grinder and will also cause these and other symptoms of poor coffee making and inconsistency from coffee to which case you need to buy a proper matching grinder for the task.

          You dont need any adjustment of the pump bypass valve away from the factory set point for the machine to operate quite well....just feed it correctly ground coffee.

          This is the cause of 99% of all gushing "problems" in any pump driven esp machine whether it is set to "internet book specs" or not.

          Anything more at this point will be entirely irrelevant as there is not much more to this than type of grind being fed to the machine.

          Hope that helps.


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            Re: Gaggia Classic Problems

            I often have to fiddle with grind settings and agree its generally the culprit for poor pours Does anyone else find that even at different times of day you get different shots with the same grind? Im finding I grind finer in the mornings to get the same pour as later on in the day. I thought humidity had something to do with it but can temp affect it too?


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              Re: Gaggia Classic Problems

              For starters its possible you may be analysing too much......and then the differences you are referring to are usually operator technique related ie unless you have a very consistent terchnique, anything can happen (ran a class on this type of in- consistency this morning )


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                grind, beans, dose, and tamp in about that order

                one way to determine dose is to fill the basket up with a light tamp then put a 5 cent coin on top, then put into the machine

                read the imprint from the coin, you finished tamped dose should be about where the bottom of the coin imprint is, about 2-3mm from the shower head is

                a good starting point for most machines.

                and yes, all these variables change all the time, nothing is constant.