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Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

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  • Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??


    I have a 2007 Silvia that I have put up with what seems to be a poor group handle fitting (I barely get an 1/8th of a turn into the group head, have since used a V3 that the filter gets a good 1/3 of a turn into the group head).

    With or without the basket it seems to make no difference, all I seem to see is some scoring of the handle and too often have the pressure release the handle with catastrophic results !!

    I know that older machines should wear the group ring - seems mine is doing the opposite. I have cleaned the group head of any build up (no much to be honest) but am plumb out of ideas.

    Any thoughts ??



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    Re: Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

    did you check the group head seal


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      Re: Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

      If there is no difference with the basket and without the basket then it would look as if the basket in not making contact with the seal. There should about one quarter of a turn difference which is the thickness of the basket rim.
      It is amazing that it is sealing at all. Unless something extract is stuck on the gasket or the gasket has been replaced with the wrong size.
      I think it comes down to my first comment there should be at least a quarter of a turn difference.
      Does the PF seal when you brew?


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        Re: Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

        Other thoughts
        Have you had Silvia from new.
        If you have has it always been like this (for four years)
        If you got it s/h has it been like this since you have had it.
        Does the group handle have the double "R" mark on it.

        Does the PF handle seal with the basket and also without the basket - you may need to use a blind filter basket or block the outlet on the PF.

        I have tried mine with and without the basket and there is about a quarter turn difference.
        It suggests the PF handle is too tight a fit on the sides ( not the top or bottom) and is binding.


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          Re: Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

          Me again with correction
          I have doubled check this time using the same PF handle!
          There is only a fraction of a turn difference between with a basket and without.
          With one PF it seals at about 6oclock (straight out towards me). Without the basket it seals around 5 to 5:30, that is slightly to my left. My other PF goes round a bit more into the group and there is only a fraction of a turn difference between with and without the basket. So it seems as if yours is okay.
          One of my PFs is very stiff and that is because its lugs are a fraction wider and bind a bit.
          So it seems as if the older models were a tighter fit.

          I am not sure what you mean by "pressure release the handle" does this means it burst out because it was not locked securely. This suggests there is another problem.

          Sorry about the basket difference error.


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            Re: Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

            Someone has fitted an over size seal or, someone has fitted a packing washer behind the std seal or, someone fitted a new seal but didnt clean the groove and group ring area thoroughly before refitting the new seal ie there could be a lot of crud in there packing out the seal.

            Either way,

            Buy and fit a new std size group seal. Its not going to break the bank and should last some time.

            Clean the group ring and the groove that the seal slots into thoroughly, before inserting the new seal.

            Problem should / will be solved.

            Also begging to differ....when you remove the filter from the group handle, the group handle WILL go in noticeably further.


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              Re: Silvia - poor group handle fitting ??

              Well, three gaskets are on the way - havent replaced it ever from new  :-[

              The "pressure releases the handle" comment relates to the small amount of group handle bind into the group head (as soon as pressure builds the handle disengages from the group head ring = coffee everywhere !!) - the only way I pull a coffee without panicking is to use what I would think is excessive force...

              The gasket doesnt seem to be petrified but obviously is overdue for replacement....will see how things go after its replaced - thanks for the feedback



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                Same problem

                Thanks for this post.
                My Miss Silvia is about 6 years old, owned since new. Group handle got tighter and tighter, now barely engages. Will try removing old gasket, cleaning down and refitting new. Thanks again!
                Regards Bikemadpete


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                  This is probably something to do with the rubber swelling after it goes well beyond it's usable lifespan (and to be fair should have been periodically replaced).

                  FWIW I replaced my Silvia's rubber groupseal with one of the green silicone Cafelat that you can buy through the CS Shop (for a bargain price as well) - much nice to use, should have a longer lifespan than the rubber and also won't suffer from such issues were you to not replace it when needed. Well worth grabbing if you get a chance. :-)