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Need technical advice for a Gaggia synchrony

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  • Need technical advice for a Gaggia synchrony

    Hi all .... Anyone with experience on Gaggia domestic machines I have a dilemma with a Gaggia synchrony its not playing the game for me.
    The MSG on the display is "brewunit blocked" ... Popular opinion is that the timing on the unit is out ... Not so on this occasion.
    The brew unit removes easily ... I have cleaned and lubricated all slides and it manually functions in my hand without jamming etc.
    The timing gears/drive gears are in good condition and correctly timed. The 3micro switches for the brew group work properly and in good condition.
    All electrical connections to the main circuit board are good and in position.

    I have gone through the menu on the display and done a factory reset, this enabled a longer cycle once but not a full cycle .. Then the same MSG on the display again.

    Ok my observations ... The brew unit seems to half cycle ... And it cycles slowly, Im of the opinion that either the brew unit drive motor is on its way out ... Or the main circuit board is faulty ... I would like to prove which is the part that is faulty before replacing that piece.

    Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Need technical advice for a Gaggia synchrony

    All sorted now ... It turned out to be a triac that was in the middle of failing. Customer happy as with the repair