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Breville Infuser or Saeco Via Venezia...please help

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  • Breville Infuser or Saeco Via Venezia...please help

    Hi Everyone a newbie here so please be gentle

    Wasnt sure whether to post here or the under $500 section as the machine Im really enquiring about is usually $500+ I am looking at buying a new machine as my old Sunbeam Cafe Espresso machine of 5 years finally died. I have heard the Saeco Via Venezia is good and seems to have pretty good reviews, I looked at it last night at store and looked ok..I can get it for around $380.I happened to then look at the new Breville BES840 Infuser which happens to have a promotion on at the moment and you receive a free burr grinder with it for $499. The Breville looks like a nice machine and I noticed it has a few different types of baskets included also. What do you reckon??? Id be buying coffee from the fremantle markets or other possibilities..not supermarket coffee.

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    Re: Breville Infuser or Saeco Via Venezia...please help

    What grinder are they offering? a BCG800 or a BCG450. If the former, that sweetens the deal - if the latter, dont bother.
    Do you already have a grinder? Are you looking for a new one?
    Whats your budget? looks like its between $380 and $500. Have you checked the for sale section? There are second hand silvias in excellent condition coming up in there often for around that price range. I would highly recommend. Not only will a 2nd hand silvia produce better coffee, it will last longer and be worth more money when youre done with it.
    A VV, BES840 or 2nd hand Silvia will cost you (say) about $400 now. If theyre still working in 3 years time, the VV will be worth about $100, the BES840, id guess about $50. The Silvia will still be working and probably worth between $200-$300 (depending on how good condition you keep it).
    Net result - VV costs you $300, BES840 $350, Silvia $100-$200.

    My 2c. (2 cents - not second crack ;D )