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Recharge EM6910 Anti-Calc Filter

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  • Recharge EM6910 Anti-Calc Filter

    Hi, Ive just attempted to recharge my EM6910 anti-calc filter in salt water with indeterminate results.

    I placed it in a jug with about 600mL Britta-filtered water and 6 tablespoons of salt (Argyle lake salt, I have a free box of the stuff!) and left it for 12 hours.  After this I ran it under the tap for a few seconds then soaked it in fresh water for 4 hours.

    Next I replaced it back into the reservoir and ran 1.5 litres of water through the machine.

    The problem is the colour of the filter hasnt changed much.  New ones seem a little lighter (from website pics).  Ive included before and after pictures below.  If anything the after photo is darker although it was taken with different lighting.  Does this seem normal, has anyone done this successfully before?

    Also, the water has these fine black particles that arent present in the tank.  Im assuming Ive been drinking these before the soak.  Do they indicate a known problem?


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    Re: Recharge EM6910 Anti-Calc Filter

    the black things come from your brita water filter (im assuming youre using the jug filters?)

    As for the recharging - it sounds like youve done it right. Whether its effective is another story. I dont know if the colour is supposed to change.


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      Yes I was using a Brita jug filter.

      Have just had to replace the pressure gauge so ordered a spare filter. When wet it discoloured to the same dark shade as my picture above so the recharge can not be said to be ineffective from that point of view.

      Earlier this year we installed a reverse osmosis system so now the water has virtually zero calcium or minerals in it anyway.


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        I have just bought a new anti-calc filter for my sunbeam online. I was surprised to see that it arrived only about 2/5ths full of the powder stuff. the photo online seems to show it full up. have I been dudded, or is that normal?
        I dont know how to put pics inline, have attached the stock evilbay pic, and a pic of mine. should be obvious which is which.
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          If you have an RO system why bother with the inline filter?

          Unless you are some sort of alchemist you can't get scale from RO water.


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            Originally posted by DrSmurto View Post
            If you have an RO system why bother with the inline filter?

            Unless you are some sort of alchemist you can't get scale from RO water.
            Are you referring to already filtered water? Excuse my ignorance but I'm not sure what RO is and I'm in the same boat as the OP where my filter needs changing and I use filtered water too.


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              RO (Reverse Osmosis) is a method of filtering water that produce near pure water... I used to do it for my aquarium to produce pure water with nearly no other minerals or solvent in it...

              However, as a side note, RO water are slightly acidic, and taste like crap....