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  • Brasilia Lady

    Hi People

    I have 2 brasilia ladys. One is currently being used and the other i am waiting on a one way valve. Long story short i tried to give it a the red lady a service and in doing so screwed up the one way valve that goes from the the pump and into the boiler. I have not been able to find one to replace it. if anyone can help me locate one i would very grateful.

    Now to the black lady machine. I read a post on here that was very informative dating back to 07 i think. It showed how to adjust the temperature on the thermostat. I can not for the life of me locate the thermostat. On the red machine the thermostat is visible yet on the black machine i dont see it. Is it possible the machine is running without a thermostat? The shots i have been pulling not as hot as the silvia machine i have.

    Any information forthcoming would be fantastic.

    Also while im on the subject does anyone know of a place i can go to service the machines in Sydney and not get ripped off? I have found that servicing is very expensive and once you add replacement parts it makes it almost not worth it.

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    Re: Brasilia Lady

    Help me out here coffee machine gurus please.

    Does the machine need one way valve from the water pump to the boiler? Or can I get by without one?


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      Re: Brasilia Lady

      I have worked out I only need one part to get the red machine working. A non return valve that is attached from the boiler to the pump. Do I really need one?
      I have tried to find this part and cant find anywhere that stocks them.

      Please help


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        Re: Brasilia Lady

        I remember lusting after both the black and red Brasilia Lady machines at Cafe Bianchi in Leichhardt back in the mid 1990s. In those days they were the best domestic single boiler machines one could get (while the Bezzera BZ99 was the best HX available on the Aussie market). Wow, how things have come on since then.

        But the point of this is to say, maybe your should ring Cafe Bianchi to discuss servicing the machines. I wager they will charge a lot (too much) but it might be your only option. Otherwise, there must be somewhere on the net that discusses these venerable machines. Basilia are a well known manufacturer and there are quite a few commercial Brasilia machines still doing service in Australia.


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          Re: Brasilia Lady

          Hi latte_boy
          I have an old brasillia club lying around that youre welcome to have, I think it has probably got similar internals.
          The heating element went, and I never repaired it.
          PM me.


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            Re: Brasilia Lady

            Juice your a life saver

            Sent you a PM