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Advice on a DeLonghi ESAM3400S

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  • Advice on a DeLonghi ESAM3400S

    Please be gentle. Im new here.

    I guess Im a would-be coffee snob. I enjoy well made coffee and I appreciate those times when an experienced barista turns fresh roasted beans into a delicious short black or a macchiato. On occasion Im not averse to a milky coffee either, and my partner is a devotee of the frothy cappuccino.

    At home I have been using a French press with fairly fresh grounds from Jindebah Hills to make my daily coffee.

    A friend of mine has given me a DeLongi ESAM3400S, a machine about which I knew nothing at all before I received it. Turns out its probably a full auto beast, a type that seems to be much reviled here. The Internet has been kind enough to deliver me an operating manual for the machine, so I can figure out how to feed and clean it.

    Nevertheless I have two questions.

    First - can you suggest what settings on this machine are likely to result in a brew better than I can make in a plunger? Im happy to use either the inbuilt grinder or to feed it coffee thats been ground elsewhere. The user manual suggests that there are other settings I might tweak.

    Second - can you suggest a corner of the Internet from where I might download a Service Manual? My friend didnt ditch this machine for nothing. It apparently has a mechanical fault in the steam wand tap which is up to me to find and fix. I have found a DeLongi parts catalogue from a local (Australian) parts supplier, so I hope I can buy perishable parts without too much pain. Im not a complete numpty when it comes to repairing things. I have 20+ years of allied industry experience, but I have never yet disassembled a DeLonghi coffee machine.

    Thanks for any positive advice.


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    Re: Advice on a DeLonghi ESAM3400S

    welcome Its a super-auto, and has its limitations. Similar to the Magnifica I have at work - the milk is bubbly and hardly warm, and its hard to clean inside leaving mess all over itself.

    The grinder is ok, letting you choke the machine if the beans are fresh, so I would probably prefer putting fresh beans in daily than getting them ground at a cafe or shop. Beware not to adjust finer when the blades are stationary. It has a small adjustment wheel though, so its hard to get that sweet spot as tiny movements make a big difference.

    I tend to use the smallest volume (the cup on the left with the smallest black bit) and the strongest dose (press the two-bean button and watch the display). Any more water and its far too burnt and over extracted. Keep going finer until it chokes up, then back it off a bit. If you hear the burrs kissing your beans may not be fresh enough, or the burrs are worn. You can add hot from the tap if it works.

    Let it warm up for at least 20 minutes. Before and after making, I run a rinse, and turn off and take out the flux capacitor or discombobulator (or whatever that center extraction piece is inside the door... oh yeah - infuser) and give it a good wash in water. Unfortunately you cant get inside all the tubing and internal paths in the door but do as good a job as you can.

    Looks like you can get the manual from retrevo. Dont put in your email, just answer the captcha.



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      Re: Advice on a DeLonghi ESAM3400S

      You can get parts from Stokes Appliance Parts. Ive gotten parts for my collection of Delonghi Magnificas there.