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  • Tech questions on La Pavoni Pro

    Morning all

    Apologies in advance for the wall o text.

    Ive had a La Pavoni Pro machine for about 5 years now. Love it to bits, but there are a few niggles which Im hoping you guys n gals might be able to help me with.

    1. Service kits. After getting the runaround from the alleged dealer in Perth a few years ago, I gave up with OEM. I stripped the unit, took the seals to Transeals (a local industrial seal supplier) and matched up a kit which nearly gets it right. What they cant do is the squared off rubber seals:
    - on the piston, o-rings seem to work ok, just dont last as long;
    - on the gland packing for the steam knob - just using the original but its starting to go now;
    and the bakelite washer that sits between the boiler and the top shell of the base is snapped in a million places.

    Any recommendations on somewhere I can source these bits without headaches - or full service kits for less than $70?

    Bear in mind that the Transeal kit costs me about $6 -delivered to my door. Yes, I need to replace seals every 6-9 months, but it doesnt take long now.

    2. I have an intermittent issue with the pressure switch. Usually I switch the machine on, check the water level and wander off for a while. About 10% of the time I come back to the sound of hissing and the thermal fuse has popped. Is this common? Is it a stuffed switch, or maybe some alignment issue?

    3. A pet hate is that tricky balance of pressure and temperature. I know, physics and all. But to get the nice flow for steaming I have to whack up the pressure to the point where my coffee comes out as boiling foam. Or turn the pressure down for nice coffee but pretty lame steam. I get that the ideal fix is to get a separate boiler for steam. That could be an option, if such a thing exists. I also see that some units ship with a dual switch, presumably the second position just bypasses the pressure cutout - are these available as a spare part?

    Hope some more experienced folk with these machines have the answers and contacts I need!

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    Re: Tech questions on La Pavoni Pro

    Sorry that discussion on Pavonis is so controversial and heretical and that bagging of them is quite ok. But here is some thoughts from a happy user and owner.

    Pavonis will run hot if you have them on to long so best to keep the pressure around 0.9 bar and use as follows. Fill, turn on, bleed false pressure at 6 or 7 minutes, make you shots at 15-20 minutes then turn it off. This will give you OK steam and get you managable temps for shots. Any longer will see you burning shots.

    Seal Kits you could try Jack at Sorrentina or I see one of the more recent sponsors Casa Espresso is selling the machines. Failing that the distributor is in Sydney or chase up Orphan Espresso on the net.

    On the popping thermals etc. Are you bleeding the false pressure off? Are you leaving the machine running constantly?


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      Re: Tech questions on La Pavoni Pro

      Sorry, didnt see a reply here earlier.

      Thanks for the leads. As far as the pressure overrun is concerned - it usually happens when I first fill and power up the machine, then walk away from it while it warms up. I get distracted and come back: woah, baby, woah...

      Click the button underneath and restart and shes all good - but I would have thought the point of the pressure switch is to turn off the element when the pressure reaches a certain point. Regardless of whether its "false pressure" or not.

      WTF is the false pressure anyway - if I drop steam when the switch normally kicks out theres only usually a tiny drop in pressure which starts up the boiler again and its back in a couple of seconds - but what causes it?