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ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

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  • ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

    Hi all!

    Ive been reading and reading about my EM6910 - but Ive decided to join and get some hands on advice from the experts!

    I aquired a brand new, unopened red EM6910 - $250AU - great deal I thought. It made about 4 coffees perfectly and then no steam.

    I got the serial number and called Sunbeam, they told me the machine was 4 years old going by the number and although brand new (I personally took the plastic off it etc). it was well out of warranty. He suggested a new pump at $500 fitted

    As I bought it from Gumtree, there is not much I can do.

    So, I followed a wonderful guide, with pictures on here to take it apart. Everything looked normal, no scale or blockages. (its new, so I dont see how there could be)

    I ran some descaler through it to be sure.

    It makes wonderful coffee, but my wife is heating the milk in a pan currently -a bit crap when we have guests.

    The steam switch "clicks" when rotated and clicks on/off when left open, like a thormostat type click... any ideas?

    Thanks in advance Snobs

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    Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem

    Welcome to CS.

    I think this comes down to the "value for money" thing.

    How much are you prepared to spend to make it work?

    Example. Lets say a sunbeam repair shop repaired it and it only cost $250.00,

    Would you be prepared to have a new machine that cost you 250 + 250 = 500 but wthout guarantee (except on the repair done that will have a limited guarantee), or a new one at somewhere between 600 and 700 with new machine guarantee?

    Only you can answer that.

    I dont know how they budget a figure of $500 for a repair when they havent seen the machine and are not actually sure what the problem really is.....the pump may be stuck due to inactivity (not uncommon for vibe pump machines left in storage long term new or used), so who could be a $100.00 repair rather than a $500 one, for a repairer that can in that event (stuck pump) get the existing one pumping again within a 1 hour frame of time at $100 an hour.......??????? 

    Nobody knows until you take it in and someone takes a look.....

    Also as far as I know it is NOT well out of warranty. Sunbeam advertised all over the place the pumps were/are guaranteed for 5 years. So no matter who sold you the machine (including a non authorsied vendor like gum/tree), actually the pumps are still under guarantee as proven by the serial number ??????????? The serial number leads them to the date of manufacture, and if that indicates the machine is 4 years old ( from manufacture), it could even be "newer" than that in that it could have gone to a shop where it sat for a year before being sold. Guarantee starts from the date of retail sale, so technically in that example, the machine may be only 3 years old and 2 years well inside the guarantee for the pumps.

    Except if the guarantee is not transferable from the first owner to subsequent owners........and thats possible.

    Note also.....if it isnt the pump, then it is well out of guarantee, but the cost of repair surely cant be that high.....?

    A couple of things for you to think about there, sorry the prognosis isnt a nice and simple black and white affair but nevertheless, I hope that helps.

    very first CS site sponsor and
    Billy Big Potatoes 


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      Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

      Thanks for the reply!

      Much appreciated. Its not so much the cost - but I cant really accept a NEW machine can be broken out of the box pretty much.

      "Except if the guarantee is not transferable from the first owner to subsequent owners"

      I dont have a receipt - thats the deal unfortunately.

      Did you look at the video? It appears to be a stuck pump from what youre saying then?

      Whats the course of action in that case? New pump - its a new pump? Can it be un-stuck?

      Thanks very much again!

      I found this site for EM6910 parts - are those prices reasonable?


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        Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

        "Dont have a receipt"........Yes, the machine could in the worst case scenario be stolen, and in that case no one wants to honour a guarantee on something they didnt sell in the first place......

        Re not accepting that new equipment doesnt work straight out of the box:

        A) that is what a client guarantee is for, to protect the client and

        B) Its not technically new as in, if it really is a stuck pump, and that would likely be from being stored so long before use, its not the manufacturers fault as in its not defective manufacture or assembly.  Its the previous owners fault whether it be a private person, or a shop that just didnt move the stock in timely manner then offloaded it through gum/tree.

        C) You have technically made a private purchase off some kind of auction site. Its a side issue that the machine was never used.

        I wouldnt / couldnt make a definitive diagnosis without putting it through my workshop, and have not viewed the video. I also cant comment on the price of the spares, as that is entirely the domain of my workshop people.

        Apologies but I cant help seeing both sides of the story.

        Hope that helps, and I appreciate the thank you 


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          Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

          Yep - I think Ill have to go the service route.

          Although it would have been nice to hear "Oh THAT noise!...Its the dual-overhead-manifold-socket switch relay - EASY fix!"

          No such luck

          I know the micro switch works, I can hear it when you turn it. Also, there is a thermostat type noise as well - which means that physically works. So a seized pump might be the go...


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            Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!


            Lets just step back a bit and take a breath.

            If anyone has got any idea on the actual problem of the machine...can they please post up here?

            If you have no idea, please, lets leave it alone.



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              Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

              Thanks for that Scoota!

              I hope I get it going soon


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                Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

                Sounds like a stuck pump. ..but not enough data to tell
                how "handy" are you with tools & multimeter ? .. it seems you know what you are doing.
                If you are, then you have little to lose by a little more fault finding.
                Check the power is getting to the pump ( or remove the pump and test on the bench).
                If power doesnt make the pump work, then a new pump is cheap & easy enough to replace.
                Obviously, if the pump rattles into life when powered on the bench, then you have another electrical problem to fault find.
                If you are not skilled or confident to do these checks, or know someone who can, then you are in the hands of a friendly service center ...and i would not expect any warranty support !
                Good luck .


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                  Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

                  Thanks blend - I arranged a service inspection for $35 - At least I will know what the problem is - and whether to tackle myself or not

                  Ill post back for other members who may have the same issue!

                  Thanks for the input blend52


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                    Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

                    Originally posted by 1A3C272B2C28241A3D2C2824490 link=1338683791/8#8 date=1338797668
                    I arranged a service inspection for $35
                    Well done SBS, exactly what I would have done.


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                      Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

                      Ill second that.


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                        Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

                        Originally posted by 0A3E293F24130F232A2A29294C0 link=1338683791/10#10 date=1338800391
                        Ill second that.
                        Id third it but I dont think I must have been much help. ;D


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                          Re: ANOTHER EM6910 Problem - with VIDEO!

                          Thanks to ALL


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                            Any result to this?

                            I had a similar issue with mine.
                            the steam pump would pump, but only luke warm water came out the want.

                            the problem was the thermal Fuse which is on the side of each thermoblock (encases in a white sheath) had failed.
                            either the thermoblock overheated (the fuse is rated at 240degC) or the fuse just failed.
                            replaced it ($0.99 from ebay) and it was fine

                            i'm an electronics tech so it was a simple thing to trace

                            hope this helps someone anyway