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Replaced group head seal---EASY

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  • Replaced group head seal---EASY

    Hello  to all rancillio owners
    I decided to replace seal after 4 years of home use and after reading posts and watching utubes i was kind of expecting to fail and have to take silvia in for a service--in bits.

    It was too easy so easy i thought it must be wrong but i will give a bullet point walkthrough as i am sure if i can do it anyone can,
    . buy seal and gasket from coffee parts 1 day delivery(fantastic)
    .remove water container turn machine upside down
    .remove screw holding shower screen and clean screen and water disperser
    .screw in a small screw into old seal then pull seal out with pliers(easy)
    .clean up where seal was--heaps of gunk here i used toothbrush and a solution of hot water and a dishwashing tablet-took a while to clean
    .put new gasket in -push new seal in turn machine over reasemble shower screen
    . pour a few shots when machine is hot and throw away

    all done --you can feel the resistance is different with new seal no leaks
    i am no mechanic but this is too easy
    cheers    brian

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    Re: Replaced group head seal---EASY

    The sign of a well designed machine!


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      Re: Replaced group head seal---EASY

      Very much the same as the EM6910.

      Protafilter handle went around way past 90 degrees on the used machine I just acquired.

      Didnt even turn the machine upside down, just crouched down, unscrewed the shower head screw, tooik out the two shower screens, used small screw driver to carefully remove seal. (I used it again) Made up a small plastic ring out of an icrecream container lid. Cleaned screens, (never cleaned in 2000+ cups of coffee). Put shower screens back in the seal, placed plastic ring on the seal (between seal and the body of the machine and screwed it back together.

      All good, portafilter handle now sits tight at 90 degrees. Even a new one goes past 90 degrees, according to my son who just bought the new one that replaced this one when the steam boiler blocked.


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        Thanks so much for that tip regarding using the screw. I just tried it and it works perfectly. So easy to pull out.