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New Silvia/Rocky Purchase, review, thanks

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  • New Silvia/Rocky Purchase, review, thanks


    Just wanted to say thanks to all of the contributors on here, I am one of the no doubt countless forum viewers who find these pages invaluable in choosing machines, troubleshooting etc.

    So i purchased the silvia and rocky (doserless) this week. After calling around I got quotes down to just under $1100 from adelaide based companies, then called Rio and asked if they would match. They initially said that they couldnt two weeks ago, but then agreed this week. Turns out the combo was on sale in the shop at $1150, but the machines department didnt know... anyway alls well that ends well. I paid $1110 with 500g of beans, but they pulled my machine out, primed it, warmed it up for me, showed me how to use it and care for it, how to tamp correctly (Hard, like really hard) set the grinder, made a couple of coffees and were generally extremely pleasant and useful, even if a little "aloof".

    Took the machine home, first shot came out great with 2/3 of the shot glass being full of that nice deep rich crema. Milk also went quite well, although a bit of practice wont go astray the foam was fine but not superfine and there was a few bubbles. As for the steam, my old machine was a Gaggia so all I can say about the Silvia is WOW, wow and wow.


    p.s. nearly bought a used V2 silvia with a tiny isomac professional grinder (from gumtree) which had a brand new boiler installed by 9Bar. I called Bill who gave me the rundown but the seller wouldnt really budge. Bill seems a top bloke however