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Gaggia Classic - Lack of Steam Pressure

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  • Gaggia Classic - Lack of Steam Pressure

    My trusty Gaggia Classic has performed flawlessly for years, however it has suddenly lost most of its steam pressure, and im unable to stretch the milk at all, or heat it to the right temp. Im only able to moderately heat the milk.

    I just replaced the steam thermostat, but that hasnt made a difference. Ive also backflushed and descaled.

    I adjusted the OPV a few years ago as well.

    Any suggestions what may be wrong?

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    Re: Gaggia Classic - Lack of Steam Pressure

    silly question mate but are you priming the machine correctly.


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      Re: Gaggia Classic - Lack of Steam Pressure

      Like i said, the machine hasnt missed a beat for about 5 years, and i havent changed my technique. There is something else going on, but i cant work it out.


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        Re: Gaggia Classic - Lack of Steam Pressure

        Happy to report the machine is good as gold.

        Like i said, the replacement thermostat didnt fix the problem, so i started to strip down the machine even if i didnt know exactly what likely problem i was looking for. The boiler was in very good condition given its age, with minimal scale (i descale every 6 months and only use filtered water). The 3-way valve was in perfect condition with no scale at all, and all the holes were clear. The wand was also clear of blockages.

        So having found nothing, i put the machine back together, descaled and fired her up, and hey presto, full pressure steam.

        I can only assume that there was a tiny blockage somewhere along the line, and the strip down, clean, reassemble and descale cleared whatever it was.

        In any case, its nice to have my first espresso in two days