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6910 PCB ... major smoke and fire!

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  • 6910 PCB ... major smoke and fire!

    So a couple of weeks back I had a problem with the pump running continuously.  Problem fixed with replacing the PCB and no problems for the last week.

    Then major smoke and crackling and burning smell yesterday!  The new PCB is gone, very burnt up around triac that was previously giving problems.  So now I think that maybe the root cause was something "upstream" from the PCB, and that is what caused the first PCB to fail? (although the continuous pump running symptom was quite different from this latest sparking and burning symptom).

    The issue arose when simultaneously steaming and pulling a shot.

    So the reason for spending $90 to replace the PCB was to get the machine working so that it could be sold for something more than spare parts (I have bought the Rancilio that Aaron from this site has been selling).

    Now what to do?

    I have sent an email to bigwarehousespares to see if there is any chance for a warranty claim on the PCB (who knows it may have actually been a faulty PCB?).

    Otherwise, I guess the machine gets sold for spare parts.

    Any other thoughts?

    Thanks, Peter