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Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

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  • Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

    Well - hello there. New forum member here. Been lurking for a while but now it is time to wade in for the very first time.

    Recently (as in two days ago) I was driving out in rural victoria and came across a cafe owner who had decided the day before to sell their 2nd coffee machine, an old Expobar machine + Gino Rossi rr45 grinder, for a steal. Looking around the past few days it seems like we did get a great price... I think. They happily let me make a few coffees right then and there, including grinding - The gave me the history of the machine (not a lot of professional servicing, but they do seemed to have cared for it). The deal seemed good, so I made a snap decision and nabbed them. Quick flush out, unplug, and loaded into the back of the car. Yay!

    The machine is actually going to be put into my work, where we typically push through between 12 - 20 coffees per day. Half are strong lattes the rest are generally Long Machiattos.  ;D

    So - after a very quick on the spot decision Im now beginning to think about exactly what Ive purchased and how to go about dealing with it.

    The "new" machine does not seem to have a model number, but in looking online it seems to be an older Minipulser 2gr - (see pics).

    The grinder works well also, although the spring on the lever is a little "lazy".

    Looking inside the machine it needs a clean up (bit of dust + cobwebs etc), and well get it plumbed in asap.

    Ive attached a pic of what our older set-up is. And although everyone here is quite snobby about their coffee I must say this old Breville machine has made 10-20 coffees a day, non-stop Good coffee too, for the past 4 years. Hard to believe Im sure, but it is true.

    What Id love to get some thought on now are:
    1 - should we get it serviced straight away? If so, where? (were in abbotsford Vic). Should we go to Expobar or to an independent business specialising in servicing?
    2 - were thinking of getting some training for everyone who is going to use it, hopefully in-house. Im the only one here who has worked hospitality, but Im not making coffee for everyone all day. Recommendations on training?
    3 - Any other things to watch out for?

    Im intending on plugging it in and give it a good clean out at home (came with a little filter plus pressure limiter on the H2O supply).

    Its a bit of a big step for our little business, but itll be fun, and Im hoping Ill get to drink better coffe daily from now on.

    Cheers, and I look forward to any thoughts.

    (Oh - mods, please push me to the right area if this is not it - I could not really work out where this post should sit).

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    Re: Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

    If its not been professionally serviced recently you should probably do so sooner rather than later, 9Bar are in Abbotsford (Grosvenor St).

    Id also suggest getting whoever you get to service it to check the PLV you got with it is still OK and verify that you have the correct filter.

    Several places offer on-premise espresso training, The Espresso School is one off hand. Not badly priced IIRC, they limit their training courses to 3 people (I think).


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      Re: Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

      Thanks @jbrewster, really appreciate the tips!

      Spoke with the folks from Disave (Expobar Aus) today, and they pointed me to 9bar also - they also had a little giggle at the age of the machine I must say!

      thanks again.


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        Re: Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

        Interesting looking machine. Resembles my Expobars a fair bit except for the woodgrain and brass corners.

        How old is it? Any chance of posting a pic of the ID plate between the 2 group heads and the inside of the machine?


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          Re: Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

          Here we go - sorry for the dodgy pic, only had my phone with me. The "Maquina de cafe Mod: #" is MP-2, its hard to see in the pics.

          The Expobar person on the phone seemed to indicate they had not seen one of these for a while, I did not ask how old it was, and cannot see an obvious reference on the plate. I did find some pics of a similar machine (same faux woodgrain) on a greek or italian website, but it was only a 1grp version.


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            Re: Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

            Thanks for that, interesting.


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              Re: Expobar minipulser 2gr - advice needed!

              No problems - The Folks at Expobar have now said it was made between 1997-2000. - which might therefore be the 97 in the fabrication number Im guessing.