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Gaggia Classic shower-screen

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  • Gaggia Classic shower-screen

    Im having a helluva time trying to get mine off. So I thought that maybe I should check with those with brains (I dont have one) about the direction of the thread: Ive taken every movable thing off the Classic and laid it on its back, but turning the little screw anti-clockwise - i.e., bottom-to-top anti-clockwise - doesnt get me even a skerrick of movement. I will admit that my little screwdriver is not impressive: but I cant work out why the phillips head screw would have seated itself - nay! WELDED itself - in this fashion.
    Can anyone (as I say, with a brain) offer me any help, please?

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    Re: Gaggia Classic shower-screen

    Sounds like its been over tightened.

    Are you trying to unscrew it hot or cold? Which ever youre doing, try the opposite, if that doesnt work you can try freeze spray on the screw when the head is hot.

    There is also the brute force option, I used a small ratchet to undo the showerscreen in my Silvia when I stripped it down to give it a proper clean after I got it home, itd been seriously over tightened.

    When youre fitting it back, do it up until its firm then maybe 1/8 turn further doesnt need to be super tight.