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Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

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  • Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

    Hi guys,
    I recently have purchases the Breville BES860 with inbuilt grinder. Have seen videos online and also a friend has the same machine and the extraction can be very good. However I appear to be getting poor extraction(15 seconds) despite using fresh locally roasted beans, the finest grind setting and a very firm tamp. The extraction is OK and tastes fine but just dont appear to be able to get a nice slow dripping extraction. Any ideas what the issue could be?

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    Re: Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

    Hello tractor.

    Welcome here to CoffeeSnobs.

    I used a Breville BES860 for about three years. I liked it. I gave it to a friend when I bought my Breville Dual Boiler. It is still working well.

    The only problem I had is that the grinder became too coarse, so I had to modify it as set out by Jolt and I at:

    I also explain how to modify the grinder at:   
    reply 33.

    I think that it has a lot going for it. It is semi automatic as many variables can be preset, however they can easily be changed as required.

    Andy Freeman, the boss CoffeeSnob said “The one we tested last year produced the best coffee in any machine grinder combo under a grand that I have ever used."



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      Re: Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

      Hi barry,

      Thanks a lot for this. Will give this a go and report back as Im thinking that the grind must be too course depsite being on the finest setting.

      Thanks a lot.


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        Re: Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

        Update - Have followed the above steps and manually adjusted the grinder. Im now enjoying exquisite extraction! Nice and slow with rich full crema! Appreciate the help and advice! Very pleased and loving my morning brew!


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          Re: Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

          hey what grind setting and basket size are you using for your pours?


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            Re: Breville Fresca BES860 Extraction

            Hi. Am now on the finest grind setting. Using double basket as only ever drink double shots! I could manually adjust the grinder further to have more play in the grind settings but is extracting perfectly at the moment so no need!