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6910 issues - coffee wont pour through group head

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  • 6910 issues - coffee wont pour through group head


    Im new to this forum and coffee in general and have just purchased a new SB EM6910 and the SB conical burr grinder.

    To cut a long frustrating story short, we made reasonable coffee from the get go for about 2 weeks. Now all of of sudden, using the same brand of beans initially (and different to test) the coffee simply wont pour through the group head - well get 1 drip if lucky and the gauge is firmly in the the red. To get this one drip takes about 30 seconds and sometimes it never comes! The coffee cake? is different each time ranging from drowning wet to relatively dry and formed. I just cant understand as we were going just fine to begin with.

    The grinder is going back as it gets blocked every time however we also used a friends grinder and had the same problem with the coffee...

    Any suggestions appreciated, keeping in mind at this stage Im not trying to perfect the coffee...just trying to end up with brown liquid in my cup!!



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    Re: 6910 issues - coffee wont pour through group head

    Hi Any,

    After having that same grinder but different machine some time ago. I found often that what worked one week wouldnt work the next week. Meaning i had to change the grind setting to a different grind. It sounds like in your situation it may be to fine. Some times you need to play with the settings.
    Other than that do you flush the machine before and after use? Keeping the machine in good working order is important.

    Hope this helps, you may also find some similar information within this form about this problem, which you can search for in the search bar.

    Kind regards,



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      Re: 6910 issues - coffee wont pour through group head

      Thank you - we just swapped the grinder over and it works perfectly (for now!)

      I cycled the water through the machine before use as I always do however this time the machine was pumping like crazy however no water would come out and the steam wouldnt work... so I think theres some random pump issue.

      I switched it off for 5 mins, tried again and made a half decent cup of coffee.

      the shower head only has 3 streams of water coming from it, Im not sure if thats normal or not. Anyway Im contacting SB tomorrow in the hope of swapping it as Ive only had it 3 weeks, 1 week of that not able to be used.

      Thanks for your help!


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        Re: 6910 issues - coffee wont pour through group head

        You may not have caught it but the problem is most probably the setting of your grinder - not the machine.


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          Re: 6910 issues - coffee wont pour through group head

          Hooray, thanks for your help everyone but turns out the machine was faulty! In the end no water would come through the group head whereas the new machine which I was able to swap over works perfectly...time for a cuppa!