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Classic Elektra info required

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  • Classic Elektra info required

    Hi all,

    I have just brought this Elektra as not working. After an electrical service it turns on, heats up and the pump (appears after-market) makes a noise when the pour switch is on.
    The questions are; what is it worth, where can I find any info on this model, and do I have to prime it (doesnt appear to be sucking through pickup hose)?
    Any info would help as my searching has been in vain.

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    Re: Classic Elektra info required

    Welcome to CS.

    Why would you think the pump is "after market"? No one knows what pump brand the manufacturer was contracting from when the machine was built, and manufacturers do change their suppliers from time to time for whatever reason (which is why no one would know what brand pump it was built with). In any case even if another brand pump is fitted at any time, it will be of interchangeable type or it wont hook up without other modifications having to be made.

    Vibration or rotary? Water tank or mains fitment? As you say it makes a noise I am assuming it is a vibrating solenoid pump, and they are particularly loud when running dry, which would be the case if the machine has been out of use for a considerable time. In that case it will probably need to be "helped along" to prime up.

    An "old" elektra is just an "old" elektra, like all other old machines, and not really "vintage", and it is worth what someone is willing to pay. Elektra makes machines that look "vintage", and you should not be confused by may look old but will be quite "modern" (as can be ascertained by the group and group handle). That is not an evasive answer just a truthful one, and I class "modern build machines" as being anything built from the early 80s on. Thats not vintage...just old as in for example, an early model commodore.

    From memory Elektra usually puts the year of manufacture before or near the serial number, and the model type is also there on the plate somewhere.

    Put the model type into your favourite search engine and let it do some searching for you! Failing that write to the manufacturer.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Classic Elektra info required

      Thanks for that,

      Any idea how to help along the prime? it has an external hose for pick up, not an internal tank or mains. I assume syphoning?

      Also, the pump looks noticeably newer than other internals, the mounting bracket has been modified and the wiring is pos and neg, not earthed as per spare wire left loose (yellow/green - earth). That aside, it makes a noise...

      Again, thank you, I will try to prime tomorrow night; any more suggestions before then appreciated.


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        Re: Classic Elektra info required

        So you are the lucky person that bought that machine from the bay of evil for $522. Good find if the element and pump is working and with original portafilter. They would be the most expensive components to replace. That machine is an elektra treviso very rare bird. I think that one on evil bay was from 1983 according to serial number.

        If you are handy. And I dont advise you fiddling if you dont what you are doing I would suggest isolating the vibratory pump first to test that it is pumping water. Alternatively disconnect the element wires. You dont want to fry the element if water is not getting to boiler.

        I suspect a good descale cleaning and renewal seals and brass polish and you should have a nice bit of kit. The old elektras are far better build quality than the new ones. They were copper/brass unlike the new mild steel chromed, copper offerings.

        If you need help with DIY resurrection PM me. Ive never worked on that model specifically. But have tinkered with the semiautomatica and MCALs. They are very clever simple machines once you figure out how they work.

        I better not give too much info through this forum as it only encourages people to mix 240v and boiling water.