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Upgrade from dead Via Venezia - Usual questions

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  • Upgrade from dead Via Venezia - Usual questions

    Hi All,
    From the outset youll see that is a first post and Ive been trawling this section for info and tips in regards to replacing the Venezia. Had it for 10 years and it nearly deserves a burial in the garden for its loyal service.
    I thought the replacement was going to be straight forward, UNTIL I started to read through the threads. I have to say Im impressed by the lack of snobbery towards the appliance end of the spectrum (Breville, Sunbeam). I always thought I would upgrade to a Silvia as it sits under my $1000 budget. Or a Classic. There seems to be a large chasm between machines in the 500-1500 range, and up. I guess thats why this category exists.

    So.... I drink milk based drinks and maybe two in a row. I purchase my coffee ground as Merlo is 5 mins from my house here in Brisbane.
    I have summized that the Breville (BES900) looks like a solid performer, though I dont really need the functionality of a dual boiler. But they dont make the equivalent machine in a single boiler unit (that I can see). The cheaper units have grinders inbuilt, again, superfluous to needs.
    Sunbeam EM9610? Thermoblock (2) based and I glean that this is inferior to a boiler unit. But open to alternative opinion from posters. Merlo sell this machine BTW.
    Silvia? Hard (relatively)to source here in Brisbane and opinions vary and becoming outdated(?)
    So... Lelit? I know nothing about and I cant see a dealer in Brisbane to even put my hands on one.

    Confused? (I am) The Venezia made me wonderful coffees and I wonder if Im wasting money buying anything over a grand. Im worried that brand snobbery will prevent me from buying a great value machine form Sunbeam or Breville.
    Hit me with ideas. Blast me for rambling  Im up for it as I love people with a passion for anything in common.

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    Re: Upgrade from dead Via Venezia - Usual questions

    Okay - just saw Single Boiler thread. Reading this with interest. Apologies for not searching harder at work today ;D