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EM6910 steam wont turn off

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  • EM6910 steam wont turn off

    Hi all,
    I have been lurking around here for a while and taking in the wealth of information that you all have to offer and was hoping someone may be able to help me with a problem has recently started with my EM6910.
    After tempering the milk, you turn the dial to stop the steam but the knob seems to have moved toward the operator over time and the steam continues to run for up to about 30 seconds then it peters off and stops.
    i am mechanically minded but have never worked on a coffee machine before. I liken this problem to a tap washer being worn out and the spindle being rotated further than it should causing the tap to leak.
    I downloaded the service manual that i found the other day which gives a breakdown of the components but thought someone might be able to give me some advice as to weather i can pull the machine apart and conduct an easy fix

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    Re: EM6910 steam wont turn off

    Sounds like your steam tap isnt sealing properly any more, should be a relatively straight forward fix.

    There is a microswitch associated with the steam tap which activates the steam thermoblock/steam pump. It sounds like whats happening here is the microswitch is disengaging and turning the thermoblock/steam pump off but your tap isnt sealing and as a result any residual steam pressure in the thermoblock is escaping after you turn the tap off.


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      Re: EM6910 steam wont turn off

      Great, thanks for the reply. I will pull the covers off the machine and see if i can fix it.


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        Re: EM6910 steam wont turn off

        If that is indeed the problem, from memory, once you remove the left side cover to access the steam knob, it should just be a matter of tightening the screw that holds the knob to the shaft after youve turned it back to its correct position.


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          Thanks for the input guys, the hardest part was actually taking the steam knob off, you just pull hard.
          The problem was a loose 13mm brass nut on the spindle of the steam tap, once tightened up, knob back on in the correct position and all is now good again.
          Because that nut was loose, the spindle was allowed to rotate past it's open position, meaning it was still slightly open once you had turned the knob back to its theoretical closed position even though you could here the micro switch disengaging the steam pump.