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Even extraction from a Silva ?

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  • Even extraction from a Silva ?

    Hi all, just wandering if anyone has this problem ...

    When I extract either with single or double basket ... coffee comes out quicker from right hand pourer than left. I have made sure machine is dead straight level on kitchen bench and it is.

    Anyone ? This is driving me crazy !

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    Possibly your tamp and/or distribution is uneven? Have you tried tamping from a different direction to what you normally do?


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      It's possible to buy an adjustable double spout from Coffee Parts, should solve the problem, uneven pour from the Silvia double spout supplied is not an uncommon occurrence.


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        Is this the one ?

        Would it fit a Rancilo Silva original group handle ?


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          That's the one, $44 plus post seems pretty expensive, suggest you contact Coffee Parts in Syd, would not be surprised if it was cheaper and they will be able to answer any questions, you may have.


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            I had the same problem with my Silvia before. The water distribution through the shower screen seemed fine. Technique fine as well, until i found out that the machine was lower on the right side due to the washing machine it was sitting on. A spirit level and a few folded paper later, bewilderment turned to joy as shots came out evenly after that.


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              I think every Silvia owner has experienced this at some stage. Search for "silvia uneven pour" and/or check this thread (it has a few links to other threads too as well as tips for replacing spouts if you go that way).

              There are varied opinions as to the cause or causes. Most seem to think it's a tamp issue. In my case that only went part way to explaining things but it definitely was part of the story. I still think one side of my spout is raised or imperfectly machined in some way.

              If you want to check your tamp even-ness and don't have a naked pf you could try this. Grind and tamp as usual, then prise the basket out with a thin knife blade. Rotate the basket 180° and place it back into the portafilter. If you're careful it won't take long and won't disrupt to un-extracted puck. Then check your pour. I don't know if this is a recommended technique but it worked for me until I got hold of a naked pf.

              Or you could just drink doubles.


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                You can check if it a problem with the spouts being uneven by unscrewing the spouts on the PF 180 deg, then see if the pours are reversed.
                If all else fails, you could try "un-leveling" the m/c a little until the pours even out !


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                  The adjustable spout option is a band-aid fix really - it may be a satisfactory solution if you've investigated everything else but do that first. 1) make sure your extraction out of the basket is even first. I suggest you use a bottomless portafilter to check this. If you find it's uneven then fix that up (tamp or distribution normally); if not then 2) check the machine is level as already discussed. 3) rotate the spouts as mentioned - if with the spouts rotated the problem stays on the same side of the machine then it has to be a levelling / tamp / distribution issue. If it moves to the other side the spouts may be unevenly formed so change those. If everything checks out OK and it's still uneven I would then (and only then) look at adjustable spouts.