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  • Noob Silvia owner...........

    Hey Guys

    Just letting you know as of today i am new Silvia owner, heaving done my research mainly through this forum and asking a few questions decided that the silvia would be the perfect fit for the wife and I, so we headed down to Coffee-A-Roma, where we got to demo the machine so the wife got the gist of it and could see it in the flesh, got the nod of approval and away we headed with the Silvia under the arm.

    Then on the way home we stopped off at Chosen Bean in Ferntree Gully which we had heard through this forum roasts their own beans and picked up some freshly roasted coffee to give the Silvia a go as soon as we got home. Unfortunately they had run out of decaf which the missus drinks but thats fine, she will just have to wait till next week to pick some up.

    Anyways, my first shot was not bad at all, i think the grind was a little course but only slightly, but over all pretty happy with it, then onto the missus decaf which she had some pre ground supermarket organic decaf, that was WAY to course, but surprisingly she still enjoyed it.

    So i think with a little fine tuning on getting the grind right and finding the right roasted beans for our taste buds i think we are really onto a winner.

    Overall we think this is a great little machine, awesome quality build and nice and simple....


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    Good stuff. What grinder are you using?


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      Congratulations on your purchase Neddysmith,

      It will last many years with a bit of care. She is built tough.

      Given more time on the machine, your coffee will get better.

      One tip i can give for now is to start with an empty hopper on the grinder, correctly weigh the beans on a digital diet scale for the corresponding size basket ( i only bother with the double basket, forget the single) and this will give you a good start to the right dosage. For example, i have the optional 18 gram double basket. I weigh 18 grams of beans on the scale then place into the grinder and grind away.

      This will also keep other beans under storage and not exposed to air, light and fluctuations in temperature, and not sitting in the hopper.

      Hope this helps.


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        Thanks guys,

        Att the moment I don't have a grinder which I know is not Ideal, but I am getting my coffee from the Chosen Bean in ferntree gully who roast their beans fresh each Tuesday and get it ground for the Silvia but this will take a little playing with.

        In the next week or two I will be getting a Breville smart grinder as i didn't want to spend too much on a grinder as my aunt is chef and there is a chance of getting a commercial grinder from her, so just have to be patient with that one....


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          Hi Neddy
          I too started on a Silvia and she has given me 7 years of faithful service, pulling 4 to 6 cups (doubles) everyday minimum. I only ever used filtered water in it with the Total Dissolved Solids ( TDS) reading around 35ppm. No scale to worry about and boiler lasts forever. My system is a Reverse Osmosis 4 stage unit with a 12 litre tank from Non-sponsor commercial link removed . Dont worry, the RO system has enough in it so as not to be detrimental to your machine or you. Its not totally de-mineralized.

          Buy a good grinder, a Rocky is ok for Silvia, and I hope you have many years of great coffee.

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            Fresh beans ALWAYS make the difference. Try ordering them from Coffee Snobs- they're great!


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              Must apologise for putting that link in. I'm new, and I wont make that error again, sorry