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My Sunbeam em6910 Died.

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  • My Sunbeam em6910 Died.

    My sunbeam Em6910 is on its last legs. I have had it for just under 5 years, and it has been an awesome machine. In the last few months the steamer and a valve started playing up, so i decided to get it checked out before my warranty ran out. Of course, the faulty parts are not covered by warranty, and it's going to Cost $295 to get it fixed.

    1. I am debating whether I suck it up and pay to get it fixed. No doubt something else will expire shortly after.
    2. Should I buy a new sunbeam (although it was a great machine I've heard of a lot of negative reports from other users, so I may have been lucky)
    3. Or should i move on from sunbeam and try another brand

    Is the sunbeam still the best manual machine for its price range, or are there better machines on the market now?

    Can anyone recommend an alternate coffee machine -- a machine that is not going to be a step back from the sunbeam em6910.

    I would greatly appreciate the advice.

    Thanks in advance.
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    What do you mean the steam valve is playing up.

    I have just 'acquired' an EM6910 because it had no steam. I checked it out myself, bought a used steam boiler for NZ$40.00 and it went perfectly.

    A problem can be the steam boilers get blocked because no one ever decalcifies them.
    My machine has done around 5000-6000 cups of coffee in 4 years.


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      Apologies. I spoke with the sunbeam service guy over the phone, so i dont know the correct terminology of each part that needs to be replaced. But yes, the part to replace the 'steam valve' is $40. I understand that the 'thermal block' also needs to be replaced (approx $110)... but add the labour to fix it, and it comes to $285. He told me that Brisbane water is terrible (despite me only using filtered water), and usually the 'thermal block' will need be replace every 2-3 years! Mine has lasted 5 years, so i guess i have had a good run.

      Don't get me wrong, i loved the sunbeam machine. I'm just wondering whether i buy a new one, or I look into another brand of machine. I've noticed quite a few conversations about the 'silvia' and i've also heard good reports about the 'breville BES900' (however its a step up in price). I just noticed the 'Breville Infuser Expresso Coffee Machine' online which is much cheaper -- not sure if it is any good.

      Does anyone has an opinion on any of these??
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        Originally posted by 4754simon View Post
        He told me that Brisbane water is terrible (despite me only using filtered water)
        It depends on what filter you use - some water filters are completely ineffective for reducing scale, which is what you want to do. Keep this in mind as you'll want a good scale reducing filter if you buy a boiler machine.

        In terms of stepping up, the Silvia should give better results but it may take a little while to learn it's quirks (surfing, manual priming, etc). It also won't steam and extract at the same time, which you could do with the 6910, but the better result may be worth it! The Breville 900 is definitely a step up, and would do everything your sunbeam did plus more. It's worth considering if you can afford the extra money as it does make great coffee. The Infuser is only single-element (thermocoil), so may be a bit slower than the sunbeam, but the element is bigger and it's PID controlled so it should make the temperature control and steaming very good. I haven't heard reports from someone who owns one though.

        Finally, the "in-between" ground would include the Lelit range of single boiler, dual boiler, and PID controlled machines. Also worth checking out.