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  • Sunbeam 6910 Cheat Sheet


    I'm back after a long gap. I've just acquired a good second hand 6910 and I'll have a few posts to do. I got tired of looking through the manual for those set-at-turn-on settings, so I made the attached cheat sheet. Print it out, laminate it, trim it to size, and store near your coffee machine. Hope someone finds it useful.

    Well, I WAS going to attach it, but it seems we're only allowed to attach tiny pdf files here, so I've posted it up to Dropbox, you can download it here if you want:

    PDF now attached


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    Thanks Tassiebean!

    I lost my manual ages ago and i used to have to go and look online for the manual but now no more!


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      Thanks heaps for this, it can be so long between using these functions and such a pain to dig the manual out.

      Give the man a coffee.



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        Great cheat sheet (except for the eXpresso mistake)

        Just after some general info for other 6910 users.
        what's the concensus on the accuracy of the factory settings?
        i.e are they usually the correct temperature, or would it benefit from running one step hotter on the eSpresso thermoblock temp
        is the steam usually hot enough or wet/ dry enough, or is this moving into personal preference?


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          i'm not expert enough to know what all the other settings even do or what effect they will have. i run mine all at the factory settings and my wife and i enjoy the drinks that i make, so thats all i worry about.

          if someone can post in here about the effect of adjusting the factory settings, things that will be improved etc, then i might fiddle with mine as well but at the moment i have the mantra - if it aint broke, don't fix it.


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            I lowered the steam wetness by one adjustment and it makes much finer foam than it did previously and it's a step for the better.
            I will play around with the heat settings of the steam and see what effects that has too.

            i need to measure the temperature of the espresso water to check if it's anywhere near correct


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              Soory (sic) about the poor spelling! As for settings, there's HEAPS of past threads on this topic. I find the new site search engine less than perfect for finding these, though. Plug away - they are there.


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                I upped the Espresso Thermoblock Temp by 2c and it definately helped.


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                  Nice cheat sheet, thanks for providing.