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  • Sunbeam 6910 - Single cup basket


    Just got this machine a few weeks ago, and while I know many CSs say the single basket is a lost cause, I do have some questions about this basket (single wall, of course). I use an EM480 grinder.

    I was previously using an EM4800C machine with double basket, which took about 15-16g of coffee. The new SB6910 double basket is taking around 20-21g of coffee, and we've decided with the number of cups a day that we have, we'd like to reduce the amount of coffee per cup (sorry!).

    I actually get the single basket to perform OK, and it takes about 13.5g for best results. I don't actually mind this strength (more like a commercial single shot, but slightly stronger), but here's my first question:

    1) With my grinder set at 3 (yes, I know these are not absolute!), the double basket pours beautifully (at the 2 o'clock position on the dial, and nice in the cup). With the same grind on the single cup, the coffee machine wants to die (at 4 o'clock). To get a better pour, I seem to have to wind back the grinder to about 7 or 8. The problem is, that the grinder takes a few cups to "settle down" at the new setting, so it's not practicable to keep swinging it from 3 to 8. Why do I want to do that? Well, we quite like pouring the double basket into two cups, but when the missus wants her decaf at night time, I've got to use the single basket. It seems to me sunbeam should have made the holes slightly larger in the single basket. Anyone fiddled with that, or have any comments?

    2) OK, so what I really want is a basket that will take about 15-16g of coffee in the 6910. Then I'd just use that for everything, and set the grinder to whatever works and I'd be finished. So, are there any recommendations for such a basket? I see there are 15g and 18g VST baskets available, but does anyone have any idea how many grams these take on a 6910? They're a bit expensive for me to just buy the lot and play with them. I also wonder if the answer is dependent on each particular 6910 (i.e. on the relative distance between the bottom of the seal, and the bottom of the lower shower screen). I might note that I have to lock off my machine at 5 o'clock, even though it has a brand new seal (previous one was actually OK as well), and that the collar is not worn at all.

    Thanks guys,


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    I can add something from my experiences - 6910 with a K3T grinder, now running an 18g ridgeless VST. Back in the day (4 years ago), I found the same issues in switching around the single and double sunbeam baskets. Couldn't tell you what I determined was at fault, as I simply took the advice of running the double and letting the other spout run into the tray when required. (I now just run the other spout into a shot glass and down it).

    By the way, the 18g VST is a beauty in the standard 6910 handle - it does take a little less coffee in the basket than the sunbeam basket, but pours much, much better and much more consistently for me.

    And finally, do whatever you can to save for an upgraded grinder - a K3P with the 6910 will be a great match, and after running the grinder in you'll be amazed how few sink shots you get, and how repeatable things become. That was my experience anyway. That EM480 was a real bugger to work with.


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      Thanks, Greg.

      Can anyone suggest a basket for the 6910 that take an amount of ground coffee half-way, or thereabouts, between the single and double sized standard Sunbeam baskets?

      Dean_Bean suggests an 18g VST, as taking "a little less" than the SB double.

      I notice that Greg says on his sponsor website regarding the Synesso 58mm double 14g basket, that "These units measure approximately 24mm from the underside of the lip of the basket to the bottom of the basket". I measure the Sunbeam double basket to be 21.8mm at the same location, so I'm guessing the Synesso wouldn't be smaller than the Sunbeam double.

      Anyone tried a 15g VST? My recent online research tells me that the VST's are capable of better with persistence, but may be fussier than others for everyday use.



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        Originally posted by Phil_Jones View Post
        Anyone tried a 15g VST? My recent online research tells me that the VST's are capable of better with persistence, but may be fussier than others for everyday use.
        I'd have to check but I *think* mine is a 15g double VST (I also have a tripple)

        I've actually given up on mixing baskets around and now just use the VST double for everything. I think you would find that if you stick to the one basket your results will be much more consistent - whatever basket you choose. I don't find the VST fiddly or fussy - but it's all I use. Of greater impact is the coffee in the grinder from the night before etc (still in the chute). I get a huge difference from the first cup to the second cup of the day and it's only because I don't clean out the chute and have a few grams of stale coffee in the morning..


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          As the 6910 is a 58mm you should find that most baskets will fit.
          The only problem might be the lip profile.
          But then again I found old 6910 baskets didn't fit as well on a new machine because of the lip.

          When I last used a 6910 (at work) I used to take my own old Expobar basket with me and it worked well.
          So no need to go to the expense of a VST.
          Just find any old 58mm basket the size you want and give it a go.


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            Thanks, TG.

            I realise most 58mm baskets will work. What I'm trying to establish is which suggested basket would be a good middle size between the two Sunbeam baskets that come with the 6910. I don't have a selection to try, and I cannot afford to buy lost of baskets to find out which are in-between sizes! I'm happy to buy one, and maybe the VST 14g is it, but I'll wait for David W (or someone else) to verify its relative size.


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              Well, I've cracked it! I bought a 15g VST basket and a Pullman Nexus tamper. Wow! Talk about hopping around the kitchen in excitement! For the first time I now get a full 25 second, 30ml pour that is pure DARK CHOCOLATE all the way!! It's the same beans I always use, and they always blonded on me quite early on. Now, well (hopping for joy), pure excitement. My wife laughs at my little coffee machine dances!!

              With the VST I had to crank my EM0480 grinder one or two settings finer (it's now on "1"), and at this setting it just about chokes the machine (on some occasions it does cut out), and I run it at just a tiny fraction about the red zone on the scale. As most would know, both the grinder settings and the 6910 pressure scale vary somewhat from machine to machine, so these are just a guide.

              For the record for 6910'ers, my dosages are/were:
              Sunbeam single: 13.5g
              Sunbeam double: 19.0g
              VST 15g basket: 17.0g

              It's just what I wanted, and the coffee is heavenly! Funnily enough, there's quite a lot of talk about the VST's being a little fussy, but I had the result above on the second cup. Maybe I got lucky, but I knew from previous posts that I had to set the grinder finer, which I did, but the first cup I underdosed. I upped it, and the second was spot on. As others have reported, the pucks are a little wetter than you would normally expect, but not sloppy. They come out as a nice cake. Very happy.


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                Thanks for the useful thread. I've just ordered a 15g VST for my 6910