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    Christmas came early today in the form of a La Pavoni Pro in copper and brass and a Rosco mini grinder, they arrived within an hour of each other despite one coming from Italy and the other from Queensland, I'm going to overdose on coffee the next few days getting these two sorted out, does anyone recomend a particular kind of roasted bean that suits this machine more than another?
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    That's some serious coffee bling you've got happening there...



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      Good on you, this was a similar set up i was going to go down the path of getting.

      Something tells me that someone was told his BES900 and Smart Grinder are too noisy in the mornings so he went out and bought something a bit more quieter


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        Funny, I replaced our BES900 for a La Pavoni Pro this week too.

        Love the LP, easy to use and have only made a few bad cups so far. Just finished the Fish River Roast from Bathurst and will try the House blend from EuroEspresso where we picked the LP up from.

        Remember not to over fill the basket on the LP.

        I am also going to turn up a single hole steam tip this week.

        Enjoy the new baby.



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          I like single origins, needs to be fairly freshly roasted though. Andy's sample pack is a good start. Currently drinking his PNG Kone Ka Estate and it works well, as did the Brazil Premium Bourbon I finished last week.


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            Ok it's about ten days now and I'm getting pretty good shots with 15.5 grams in the double basket, a medium tamp with the LP plastic tamper (I'm getting an old 58mm tamper turned down to fit the LP 51mm basket soon) but I can't get more than about 35mil.volume, can anyone else tell me how much their getting and how their getting it?


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              its sort of a double pull, but interrupt about 1/3 - 1/2 way down and raise the lever then finish the pull. (Fellini technique if you want to google it)
              Depends a bit on how full the basket is.


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                Thats about what I'm doing, I agree its how full the basket is seems to control the volume, I've tried everything from 12gr to 16gr and got the most volume from 12gr but that leaves the basket only about half full, so how does that fit with filling the basket up to a 5 cent from the screen? also whats the point of increasing the size of the basket as they did if you only half fill it,I'm just trying to make sense of all the info online about these machines.