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Quick Mill Andreja Review / Thoughts?

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  • Quick Mill Andreja Review / Thoughts?

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the Forum, me and my GF loves our coffee and is looking to get an E61 Group head machine. We've come across an Quick Mill Andreja unit, we are quiet interested in the unit but cannot seem to find much about info about it. Has anyone come across this unit or owned one? Any comments would be great to help.

    Thankyou in advance.


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    Ive got a quickmill andreja; had the same issue when buying mine couldnt find much local info about it anywhere... theres a few different models around, mines the one with the single guage and the steam wand which only moves one way.

    I'm from a commercial coffee background and this is the only home unit ive owned; so i dont have first hand ownership info on how it compares directly with other stuff on the market; but in essence its an identical unit to so many of the other e61 machines out there; and due to it not being as well known as other brands they seem to be excellent value when they come up. there were a few guys who imported them a few years back (WA and VIC distributors IIRC), not sure if anyone still actively imports new ones.

    For servicing and parts there is nothing that cant be sourced easily. My service guy did note to me that it was a "very easy machine to get around with no obvious mechanical, structural or electrical weaknesses and with proper care should last a looooong time" <-- his words to me; tho i was pushing him for a solid opinion - we all want validation for our purchases dont we!!
    for my personal feedback:
    ive had mine almost a year now; was ~6 years old when i got it. its been flawless, and i use it daily; often leave it on for the whole day. temp seems very stable to me, a very quick flush before each shot and it's g2g.
    Ive had some really amazing shots on it, the way i use it now (individual weighed doses, super fussy distribution and tamp, about as nerdy as i can get as you do at home) i'd say i drink 80-90% of the shots i pull; which is way more than the number of shots id drink from any particular day at my cafe (dont tell my customers that )
    for running issues:
    *heats up pretty quick (tho i leave mine for a solid half hour out of habit)
    *steam is strong, not commercial strong but once you get your tip position right its pretty easy to get perfect textured milk. lack of an omni wand annoyed me at the start but once you get used to a good position with the tip its not really an issue.
    *lever action is smooth and feels solid, switch feels like it will last a lifetime
    *recovery is ok i guess? i can punch out 4 milk coffees with very little fuss (as much as ive done on it) and i expect could do a few more in a row if in a hurry. the hot water tap messes with this, if you drink long blacks or do teas etc from the boiler id guess recovery would become an issue.
    *just take the bloody lid off when you refill the resevoir, trying to do it through the hole is an exercise in futility
    *my drip tray sometimes leaks from one side - id say the holes in the driptray cover are too big, and the water can funnel across the top of the tray (hope that makes sense) nothing major.

    the main thing; this machine was really great value for me - compared to a new 2 to 2.5k machine i would buy mine again at the price i got it in a heartbeat; it has been and is a great little machine. I was also very worried about buying second hand; and maybe i got lucky with the previous owner (thanks tony if you are reading this!) but my example has had zero problems.

    grain of salt and all that, considering it is the only home machine ive owned; but when i was looking if someone was able to tell me the machine pulled great shots, was capable of commercial quality texturing and did its job really well i would have been really happy.

    so, hotshot, hope this helps:
    imo the quickmill andreja pulls great shots, is capable of commercial quality texturing and does its job really well; if you find one at a good price and it ticks the boxes for you i wouldnt worry that it doesnt have a more well known brand name badge on it; go for it

    now im all psyched about my shiny princess (prince? andreja is a blokes name i think?) again i think i need to go pull a shot!

    oh, get a naked filter; made a world of difference for me; and dont go bigger than a 2 hole tip on the wand.

    sorry for the wall of text; just felt like you were me a year ago when i was agonising over my purchase :-)



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      Wow! Thanks for the detailed answers/ comments. Definetly gave me alot more confidence in the unit. Much appreciated! Cheers,


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        Hi Troy,
        Thanks for your response earlier mate, Finally got the unit about a week ago. It the Quickmill Andreja (not premium, single gauage), i presume could be same unit as yours. Everything seems to be going good apart from the water temperature coming out of the group head, i feel the coffee is not hot enough when extracted. I always preheat my cups and etc. the water temp coming out of hot water tap and steam nossel is all good. Have you experience this before with your unit??
        thanks in advance.