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  • Sunbeam 6910 steam quality


    I know there's a lot posted on this topic, but it is usually about people's machines with problems. I've not seen a video showing a good 6910 steaming.

    I'm trying to figure out whether my 6910 is steaming acceptably. I've heard there is some variation between machines. I'd be pleased if some of you can take a peek at the following clip and let me know what you think? How does it compare to your 6910?

    The steam appears rather erratic, tending to pulse a bit (but completely unrelated to the pump pulsing rate). I suspect this is not abnormal for thermoblocks, as my EM4800C used to do it too. Interestingly, when I have my hand under the steam, it tends to feel consistent, even though visually it is pulsing. Of course, true steam is invisible, and it is only water vapour that we can see, so perhaps what is happening is a good steady flow of steam, with the amount of water vapour included which is varying. I should say that it is set at Steam temp = max, Dryness = medium.



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    For what it's worth, I found working with milk far easier when I turned the pump rate to wettest. While it seems counter-intuitive to good steam, it worked for me because it meant the pump was working harder, pushing more steam out. More steam, at the hottest temperature has worked a treat for me. 12 months later after making that move I've not had a single jug go bad.

    Have a play for a week and see if it works for you.


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      Thanks, DB. I'll have a play at maximum wetness. I did originally start there, based on some comments on this forum, but changed for some reason. Any comments on whether the erratic nature of the output (as seen on the video) is normal?


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        Tassie, that steam looks the same as on mine. I always put it down to the pulsating of the pump and the thermoblock design. Not a concern.


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          Hi Tassie,

          That steam looks a bit more constant than mine has ever been, so I wouldn't be concerned. From my experience, you'll have to play with the pump rate and temp and find a combination that works for you and your machine. My rough method would be, start with the default settings, if you only get a small amount of good foam on the top, increase the pump rate. This gives a bit more power and rolls the milk a bit more, giving a more even mix. If you get fluffy foam (big bubbles), try decreasing the pump rate (drier steam - I know this sounds weird but its what I found after several hours of experimenting). Once you reckon you've got the best pump rate, then adjust the temp (usually hotter) until things seem good. You might have to adjust the pump rate again when you change the temp. It really does take a bit of practice. Cold water and a drop of detergent works really well (but tastes horrible! -ha ha).

          Big hint - its much easier with small jugs. I would even suggest starting with a jug smaller than the one SB supplies (say around 350 - 400 mL) and practice with that. If you're trying to make two "normal cups", steaming two smaller jugs is usually just as quick and gives a better result than one large.



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            Thanks, guys. I'm happy that it appears to steam like it should. At least now, we have a video for anyone to check against.


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              Can you download a manual for one of these. I got mine used with no manual.


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                Phil the steam looks OK to me but I'd rather know how ling it takes to raise 150ml to 65C. You should be able to find old threads to compare to. Agree with Pete49 that a small (300ml) jug is better than the SB one.
                @ rawill you can download the manual from the Sunbeam website. Let me know if you can't find it.


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                  Looks similar to mine in default setting. Gee I've got to dial in the steam - pour is working well but my milk is shocking, thin and textureless.