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Isomac Zaffiro dual purpose boiler question.

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  • Isomac Zaffiro dual purpose boiler question.

    Hi this is my first post. I am wondering how long after you steam milk on the Isomac Zaffiro can you begin to make more espresso shots in terms of the temp coming down?


    Also I noticed on the internet that there appears to be two different looking Isomac Zaffiro's being sold. Are there any differences besides cosmetically? Is one fake etc...?

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    I just flush it through after doing the steam -
    Once the heating light comes back on I can make shots again


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      If I still had my Zaffiro I would test it for you and time it exactly, but unfortunately I sold it a few weeks ago.

      From what I remember, there's two methods to get down to brew temp after steaming.
      Method #1 - after steaming, flush through enough water until temps come down. For me I used to do this until the boiler light came back on (guaranteed that the temp has hit the lower end of the thermostat band). I remember this to be quite a long flush. At least 300-400+ mL of water, takes about 30 secs if not longer.
      Method #2 - let it cool down on its own - looking at at least 5 minutes if not more

      This is all from memory, so exact timings may be a little off...

      Zaffiro has version 1 (no no-burn wands - easily identified by the black rubber 'handle' on the steam wand) version 2 (aka Zaffiro Due with no-burn wands). I don't know of any fakes. Perhaps overseas overseas versions might look different, but in Oz, there's only the two types.

      Hope this helps.

      BTW, welcome to coffeesnobs!


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        Since I bought Benandfaith's machine, I'd be happy to test Method #1 above for you tonight when I get home. I never steam milk, so I don't know how to get the temperature down most efficiently.


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          I don't own a Zaffiro but I have the VBM equivilant.... Piccolo.

          The absolute best thing you can do for these single boiler machine is to install a temp guage with probe from Tandy about $39 from memory .... Then you know just what your boiler is doing and you coffee making will become 200% more consistant.... ( but that does not answer the question)

          Previous posters are leading you a bit astray.....and wasting water, power , time and convenience.

          After steaming first lot of milk , your machine is ready for next extraction when the water is being express through the group head is no longer spitting steam and dancing on the screen.
          This can be achieved by by running water thru the head ( much steam) or thru the water tap , to lower boiler temp......... remember though both of these cause boiler temp to crash rapidly......
          SO .....
          When your happy with head temp,... hit steam button for 10-15 sec ..... this will help stabilise boiler temp that is dropping fast....
          Then your machine is ready for 2nd extraction......
          This procedure when practiced is much quicker than what was previously suggested and quality of 2nd cup will improve also

          I have found my old post on this subject about temp gauge,back in 2009