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Steaming power - Silvia vs Venus

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  • Steaming power - Silvia vs Venus

    Hi all.
    Whilst being a n00b here I follow other internet forums etiquette & search for the answer to questions before I post, however this one is eluding me thus far.

    I am curious to know if anyone has had a back to back comparison of the steaming power of a Rancilio Silvia versus an Isomac Venus? I have a Venus & my best mate has a Silvia & it seems the Silvia steaming ability completely outpowers my Venus. I was wondering if this is a generally accepted observation or should I be investigating my machine? I'm talking about single small jugs of milk - enough for 2 regular sized FWs. I'm not talking about repeated efforts.

    Any advice would be most appreciated.


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    Quick look at the specs suggests they should be pretty similar, similar sized boiler, similar rated element.

    The difference may be the two-hole tip on the Venus, small single boilers don't really have the power for multi-hole steam tips, Silvia shipped with a three-hole for a while but it was widely considered to have been a "really bad move" (tm), ergo they switched back to the single hole tip (Silvia couldn't keep up with the three-hole tip).

    You could try blocking one hole on the Venus and see if it makes any difference.
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      Thanks for that - I was thinking along those lines of two vs single hole tip.
      Would anyone make a single hole tip that would simply screw onto the Venus wand? I'd rather that than try to block one of the holes Frankenstein-like.


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        I'm not aware of any off hand but some quick searching reveals that there are apparently two versions of the 2-hole steam tip for the Venus, one has smaller holes than the other, that may assist.

        Before you go to the effort of tracking down a replacement I'd suggest you at least try blocking one hole to see if it has the desired effect (alternatively you can thread a piece of fine copper wire through the holes and twist the ends together inside the tip to restrict them a bit)