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Powerpoint Timer for Silvia?

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  • Powerpoint Timer for Silvia?

    Is it a good idea to put a power point timer on my Silvia(with PID) so I can have it heat up to temp before I wake up in the morning?

    If you've done so, please let me know which is a recommended timer, Cheers!

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    I'm using a HPM brand timer with my Galatea. There are many brands (e.g. Arlec, Clipsal) and they are probably all fine. Just pick one that is easy to use. Most have a rotating dial surrounded by lots of small mechanical push-in/pull-out switches, others have an LCD panel and a push selector button. They are certainly useful to turn that machine on in the morning wihle your still in that nice warm bed.



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      I've got a timer that timed to come on for about half hour before i wake up, so that by the time i've walked the dog and made breakfast, the machine and the lightly locked in portafilter is fully warm before making coffee.

      Having a timer does help in contributing to a better cup in this time poor 21st century. Less waiting around for it to warm up.

      Get the best one available. HPM is good.
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        Make sure the timer has a sufficient current rating, all the ones I have seen are 10A which is fine. I use a cheapie from bunnings with the pushin things on the outside, its easy to set but not super accurate (not that you really need it).

        Ensure your boiler is primed so you don't blow the element.



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          I've been using this particular brand which I purchased for around $10-$15 it's a Sansai brand and is rated at 10A which is perfect for your machine. I purchased it off an online store which you would probably be able to find the exact same one on a particular popular online auction website. There are high levels of stock and I find it to be absolutely awesome.

          I have a cycle where it turns on at 6am and switches off at 11am on weekdays, then back on at 2:30pm and off at 11pm. So whenever I'm home it's switched on and ready to go which is great! Also on weekends I have a different cycle where it starts at 8am and off at 12pm, then on at 2pm - 11pm. You can have 8 different on/off settings per day 7 days a week which is 58 different settings and it's very easy to work out and get whatever suits you.

          As I said I highly recommend it and it is made of very good quality materials and doesn't feel as cheap as what you'll pay.

          I hope this helps! I've left a link below so have a look.

          7Days Digital Timer



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            I also have a timer on my Silvia. I use a digital one only because it allows for different on/off times for weekdays and weekends.

            Letting the machine warm up results in a better cup for sure. Just make sure you've got your group handle locked in, steam valve shut and most importantly the boiler primed.


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              Originally posted by brendogs View Post
              I've been using this particular brand which I purchased for around $10-$15 it's a Sansai brand and is rated at 10A

              7Days Digital Timer

              Big W sell the same timer for $10, under their brand of " Chevron".


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                Thanks guys! @Brendon that looks like a good one! I'll probably go get one of those digital ones, its nice that it has the winter/summer time settings!


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                  just a another question, will it work with multiplugs? or should i reserve a wall socket for it


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                    I had issues with fitting other plugs in next to my timer. So just play around with what works best/fits.

                    I ended up using a doble adapter because I have the kettle, grinder and coffee machine all in the one spot and I didnt want the kettle on the timer.


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                      A word of warning here, if you are not consistent about re-priming the boiler on your Silvia after steaming putting it on a timer is a really good way to kill an element. (~$150 in parts to replace).

                      I run my Silvia off a simple mechanical timer, it's somewhat irritating on weekends though (I need to remeber to switch the bypass on the timer) so I may switch to a 7 day digital timer some time.


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                        If anyone has any worries about the possibility of the boiler going dry, then do the reverse function of steaming the milk first (it's a good way of cheating Miss Silvia to warm up faster if you don't want to use a timer), do a cooling flush, then brew. Time spent doing this procedure is shorter than doing the conventional way of brewing, waiting for the steam temp to build up and then steam.

                        This way, it keeps the boiler filled up for the next time.

                        Timers are good for Silvia. It's a machine that gives good results when warmed up properly.

                        I have the Silvia plugged directly into the wall with the timer between the wall and the plug. All other low wattage devices are on a multiplugs.


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                          I use a HPM timer set to about 45 minutes before I rise, works a charm. Only problem is when I sleep in on weekends and find its switched off and cooled down before I can draw a shot.


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                            I run my Alex on a hpm timer from bunnings. 7 day electronic, so has weekday programs and then weekend programs. Great $20 investment! I ensure warm up occurs during off peak period also!