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Repair my EM6910 or time for new machine? Need an opinion or two

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  • Repair my EM6910 or time for new machine? Need an opinion or two

    As I live alone, I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off...but I have found this forum, so an opinion or two would be most welcome!!

    My 4yo Sunbeam EM6910 needs the collar replacing. I've had one quote of around $200-$220, but my dilemma is I spend that amount on an "older" machine, or just cut my losses and buy something new? My EM6910 has had sticky on/off buttons of late too....I would hate to spend the money and then something else just dies on it. I've even thought about attempting to fix it myself, though am hesitant to spend the money on parts in case I stuff it up!!

    And if buying new...which machine?? An EM6910 again, or can someone suggest something similar? I'm getting more and more interested in the whole coffee process, and am happy to spend on a quality machine. It is only me at home....and only making about 2 cups a day.

    Any input/opinions would be greatly appreciated. It's been one of those weeks where things kept breaking around the house, and I really didn't want my coffee machine to be one of them!! Sorry if this topic has been done to death...I'm new'ish to posting.


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    I dont know about that machine per see but I wouldn't be willing to spend that sort of money repairing it given its age. I'd much rather spend my money on a second hand one in better (ideally near new) condition. If a cheap machine is what you want there are plenty of near new ones going cheap. Seems a lot of people buy them then decide its too hard and go automated.

    I was in a similar position. Our 2yo Sunbeam 5600 has been having issues for a little while but i dont have the money to spend on a decent coffee machine right now. Instead I was able to pick up a replacement (same model) that had been used less than half a dozen times for $50. As a bonus it means I have spare parts, in particular a double basket which i have now converted to be unpressurised Next I hope to make the spare portafilter bottomless!

    If I had more money I would get a machine with better chance of longevity, but I'd stiil go second hand.


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      Thanks for your reply...always seems the way, just as all the bills come in, things start to break! My machine is around the $600-$700 to replace, which is why I am considering repairing it. Maybe I should wait to see what Fathers' Day specials are around and explore more options. Trouble is, I am missing that good cup of coffee!


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        If you are happy with the EM6910 and it meets your needs then I would purchase a new one. If you want to move up and on then make sure you visit a sponsor or three and have a good look around. I moved up from the Em6910 and whilst I am enjoying the new machine I think the coffee I made with the 6910 was pretty good. This being CoffeeSnobs upgraditis is something we all suffer from I first upgraded to a better grinder from a Sunbeam to a Mazzer and then upgraded the 6910 to the Musica. I mainly upgraded due to the better quality of components in the HX machines. I think that if you are looking at $700 every 4 years of a one of purchase of about $2000 to $3000 which will last for a lot longer then the expence is worth it.