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EM6910 - Group Seal Shim?

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  • EM6910 - Group Seal Shim?

    Originally posted by aaronpratt View Post
    I do, but there's no way I'm putting that back in my machine otherwise it'll never come back out. The screw I got to replace it was an exact replica - cut down to match the length of the Sunbeam one.

    The leaking is minimizing, but I actually think it's to do with where it's locking at. I should of said earlier that with the new seal the portafilter is locking between the 4 and 5 o'clock mark. If I don't lock it there then it will start to leak.

    I've read up around the place that in general the group collar itself can wear down over time, in much the same way as burrs in a grinder. This can be compensated though with a thin rubber shim which can sit behind/above the actual seal. I'm fairly confident that's what has happened here, but have no idea whether the 6910 group can handle that sort of shim. Any suggestions???

    Hi All,

    I hate to quote myself, but I could really use the help here. My EM6910 is locking the portafilter at around the 4-5 o'clock mark. Failing to do this means nasty leaks, and this is only a few weeks after replacing the group seal!

    I've read around the place that you can get a group seal shim to stop this problem as the collar slowly wears down, but have no idea if this is even possible on the 6910.

    Any and all suggestions are most welcome!!!


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    Make one ?
    not exactly a critical item. Use a thin piece of plastic, or card, and use the seal as a pattern.


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      I bought one for my 6910 on (famous auction site) a while back and it's done the trick for me so far. I believe it was labelled as a "spacer" from memory. It was effectively a piece of thin cardboard cut into the correct shape. It was only few dollars I think (again from memory) but you could probably make one yourself.


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        Cardboard?! wouldn't u be worried of it getting all soggy? I might look around for some EM6910 specific ones. Thanks!!!


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          If something behind your seal is getting wet you probably have more serious problems


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            good point... :P


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              I made one from the lid of a 2 litre Ice cream plastic container. Handle sits a 6.00.


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                Great thread!! Many of us are making our coffee at the 4 o'clock position instead of the 6 - myself included. I will be changing out the seal in the next few weeks so might just add a spacer too. Thanks all.
                Rgds Mariner.


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                  Ok, so I managed to fit enough time last night to install my makeshift spacer (made out of some thin dense cardboard I managed to swipe from work). It only took e around 5 mins to do, and BOOM! It now locks as if it's brand new again! I strongly suggest this be done at the same time as you install the new group seal, and you'll certainly notice the difference.

                  Thanks everyone!!!


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                    Hi guys,

                    I seem to have the opposite problem. I just changed the collar as it cracked after about 4 years of use and now I can't get the group head to the 6 oclock position. 7 oclock is max so it only locks on for about 1/2 a centremetre.

                    In order to even get it to 7 oclock, I had to reassemble the collar to the boiller with very loose Torx screw settings to give the group head sufficient play to lock on. It clearly was not this loose when I took it all out.

                    I tried 2 different blue seal rings that I had but made no difference.

                    I bought the collar from BigWarehouse spares, has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

                    PS It seems to make coffees OK at the 7oclock position with no leaks, I'm just a bit concerned.....

                    thanks in advance


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                      this actually sounds like how my machine as a whole came out of the box - it took about 2-3 weeks of medium-heavy use to get it to the 6 o'clock position.

                      I personally think it's fine; as long as it locks fine, no leaks, and doesn't look like it's going to come un-locked during extraction (since it hasn't locked fully), I'd say no need to worry

                      if anything it means that you're wearing down process of the collar may take longer this time around, but only time will tell.



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                        Thanks Arron,

                        I will keep an eye on it. At the moment, I'm nervous to leave it uncase it undoes itself while pouring....



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                          Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the contributors to this thread, you just saved my life, well at least my sanity. I have just fashioned a spacer from the old seal that was just replaced and my EM6910 is back on form at 6 o'clock (it's been a while since that has happened). Cheers!


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                            Me too, actually. I made a spacer out of a light piece of cardboard and the new seal has actually been better than when I first purchased the machine! Now locks in at 6 and is now pouring great shots - without any leaks.


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                              Originally posted by aaronpratt View Post
                              Cardboard?! wouldn't u be worried of it getting all soggy? I might look around for some EM6910 specific ones. Thanks!!!
                              I made the very first cardboard spacer for a 6910 several years ago.
                              That's where this piece of now collective wisdom comes from.
                              I used a piece of a cereal box.
                              It worked quite well and when I eventually had to replace the seal it was easy to remove the cardboard.

                              I like the idea of the plastic from an ice-cream container, I don't remember who first came up with that suggestion but it would need to be more accurately cut than the cardboard as it is less malleable.

                              I think the idea came into my head because some commercially produced spacers are made from what looks like paper in som of the thinner versions such as 0.5mm

                              EDIT: Original post 17th July 2008