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Any ideas on why my Sunbeam EM6900 isn't working?

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  • Any ideas on why my Sunbeam EM6900 isn't working?

    Hi All,

    Sorry to add to the mountains of help requests by newbies in this forum, but that being said - I need help!

    Was just given a Sunbeam EM6900 which seems to be in pretty good nick - hasn't been used much, was a bit of residue around the group head but that's all.

    I turned it on earlier today to check it worked and all buttons seemed to light up as they should - however, after having wiped out the group head, I've plugged it in again to give it a descale - but now the machine immediately begins to pump water when I turn it on at the powerpoint (before I've even pressed 'power') and doesn't stop no matter what I do. When I press 'power' it doesn't respond - just keeps on pumping.

    Has anyone had this happen to them in the past, and/or would anyone have any ideas? Is it a job for a technician, or should is there something I'm not getting?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    From what I've read, the usual cause of your problem is a blown triac on the printed circuit board. A replacement PCB and wiring costs about $75, and is easy to fit for anyone with respect for AC power, and basic aptitude with hand tools.


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      Thanks for the tip! That's better news than I thought it would be. Would you know where would be the best place to look for a replacement PCB? Already have the aptitude with electrics and hand tools


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        Don't know where you are, so I'd say ring one of the authorised repairers on the Sunbeam website, or order online from Big Warehouse Spares.