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New User Sunbeam EM6910 - help please

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  • New User Sunbeam EM6910 - help please

    hi everyone
    new to this I picked a very cheap EM6910 coffee machine, BUT it leaks a lot from underneath (on the opposite side to the water container) looks like in about 3 spots, so would like to know what needs to be replaced as I paid only $30 for the machine, with repairs i am hoping i can still have a good machine cheap.

    Thanks for your time in advance.

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    No way to tell without a close inspection.It could be any one of many problems.
    If you are handy with tools, start taking the covers off to see where the leaks are. ( make sure its unplugged first)
    If you are not inclined to DIY, then start looking for a friendly local service shop.