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Ristretto on EM 6910

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  • Ristretto on EM 6910

    Hi guys,

    Lately, I've been pulling some ristrettos on my EM 6910 with a naked portafilter, and noticed something unusual. For about the first 15 seconds of the shot, it goes beautifully-lovely slow, even pour. After this point, however, the extraction cone starts to grow, and the espresso starts to drip in globules rather than a stream. The pressure gauge isn't showing a change in pressure. It still tastes great, so I'm not too worried, I just want to know what's up.

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    How fresh are the beans? It sounds like they're maybe a little too freshly roasted and that all that excess gas is coming out towards the end of extraction. I could be entirely wrong here though as I'm just entering the new and exciting world of Nudity myself.