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  • BES860 extraction temperature

    Hi fellow Coffee Snobs,

    Since I have had my BES860 espresso machine, my espresso coffee is never quite hot enough. I have prewarmed the cup and run hot water through the group head before making coffee, but to no avail.

    Today, i actually measured the temp of the water coming out of the group head. It is 71 degrees C - I thought a perfect espresso should be brewed at around 90-93 degrees C?

    Does anyone know how i can alter the brew temperature?

    Thanks for any advice...


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    G'day, curiosity got the better of me after reading your post so I decided to run my own little test. Throughout I used the CS datalogger and the supplied bead type thercocouple, I loaded a portafilter with a double wall basket and rubber 'blind' filter then locked it in with the thermocouple sitting inside it.

    First run was immediately after turning on, as soon as the machine allowed me to pull a shot. Result was similar to yours, rose from around 40 to 76-77 before stabilising (rising still, but very slowly).

    Came back after another 15 or so minutes warm up time and repeated, this time the temp started at around 80 and rose quickly to around 93 before stabilising.

    Decided to pretty much immediately repeat and this time the temp began at 93 and reduced to about 88 over the course of roughly 30 seconds.

    Bearing in mind that these measurements were taken with less resistance to flow than during a normal shot, I would say that these results are pretty good, as long as the machine is properly heated up. The flow rate with coffee in the portafilter will be lower, so water will spend longer in contact with the thermoblock and therefore be hotter.

    Of course, these results were for my machine, and I've never been unhappy with the temperature of the shots I've had, so I wouldn't be surprised if yours is different. I don't really have any advice on how to alter the temp, because it's simply not a user adjustable feature on this machine. Having said that, it may be possible somehow by opening her up and having a look, but it seems a lot of trouble.

    Is there something wrong with the flavour of the espresso that could be attributed to lower temperatures? It might be annoying if it's not as hot as you'd like, but if the flavour's good, maybe it can be lived with?


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      Thanks atbialek for your detailed test. Yes, the flavour of the espresso is a little bitter. I have got the grind (separate grinder) and tamping just right so that I can extract 30ml in about 30 seconds.

      I have since tried again, as you did, by leaving the machine on for half an hour or so before pulling a shot. This is a bit better - about 80 degrees, but still can't get the 90 I would like.



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        Without a scace type instrument you're probably unlikely to be able to determine the actual temperature of water leaving the group with any accuracy. And the ground coffee bed will at least initially absorb heat from the brew water.
        In any case assuming dose & grind are correct, bitter would tend to suggest too hot, while sour too cold.