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Are the Sunvilles catching up to Rancilio/Lelit?

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  • Are the Sunvilles catching up to Rancilio/Lelit?

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my tired Cafe Roma which has given me 3 years of faithful service as a starter machine.

    Originally the logical choice was a Silvia but I've gone into analysis paralysis and am looking hard at the BES840. Now at first glance these 2 seem to be a class apart but considering the pre-infusion feature and new thermocoil design with PID of the Breville, I'm having a tough time justifying the extra $200 for the Silvia.

    It seems to be that steam quality is where it really pulls ahead but when it comes down to the shot in the cup, I keep hearing that temperature consistency is key.

    As someone who only ever makes one cup at a time, is there really that big of a difference between these 2?

    And moreover to my original point, with this machine, the em6910/7000 and obviously the bes900, is there still that much of a difference between the 'appliance' machines and the lower end traditionals?

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    Welcome ashep.

    I started off with an early model sunbeam, EM 3500 I think. I learnt a lot on this machine and dont regret it, but only lasted 2 years before becoming landfill.
    When looking for a replacment I had the option of the EM6900 or the silvia in my price range. The 6900 seamed to offer a lot more for the same price but eventually I chose the silvia as I was sold on it's build quality. The silvia has been a 100 percent reliable machine for 5 years, makes a great coffee, and has great steaming performance but has taken a back seat due to a recent bout of upgradis.

    (IMO).The temperature surfing isn't as much of an issue as it's made out to be.
    If your looking for a rock solid machine, It's hard to go past the silvia.


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      A big reason why I went with the Silvia was the ease of repairing it if you ever need to.
      I'm not sure if the Breville compares in terms of parts availability, or if that is a factor for you.