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Gaggia Classic Leaking frothing wand

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  • Gaggia Classic Leaking frothing wand

    I'm finding a lot of steam escaping from the top of my frothing attachment, where it slides onto the arm, thus losing a lot of steam pressure. Has anyone found a solution for this other than replacing the entire frothing attachment? I found a black rubber gasket inside the frother which I suspect is the culprit but am unsure of where I can buy a replacement.

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    i would suggest that it's a combination of blockages inside the frother and rubber fatigue in the upper o-ring forcing steam out the wrong way.

    may i suggest that you save yourself the hassle and just get a silvia steam wand - that way you can actually stretch and texture milk rather than suffering whatever it is that the gaggia frother does to the milk

    should be about $50 from a site sponsor such as di bartoli or coffeeparts and it is a simple installation if you are at all mechanically inclined.