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Problem with Watlow96 and pump preasure

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  • Problem with Watlow96 and pump preasure

    Hello all -

    a Yankee hear with a new issue with my PID'd Silvia.

    When the Watlow96 is switching power to the boiler, the brew pressure loses at least 2-bar. It started doing it last week.

    I've made a video of the issue I'm experiencing... but I can't yet post videos. Any idea?

    Could this be a pump problem? Or a power problem?

    Thanks for any insights...

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    I have heard of it with 110v silvias, but I don't understand why it would suddenly start happening if it wasn't previously. You could install a switch to open the element circuit if you were so inclined.

    Coffee-geek might be a better place to ask


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      So when the element is active the brew pressure drops? Sounds like it is a power issue, because you're running 110V the voltage drop due to the element kicking on will have a larger impact, I can see the pump pressure dropping as a consequence. The difference between PIDd and non-PIDd being that the PID kicks the element in and out a lot more often than the factory 'stats and consequentially more likely to be switching it during a brew cycle (I know I see a *slight* dimming of my kitchen light which coincides with my PID switching the Silvia's element.)

      As distracted notes though, it is odd that this should "just start happening", have you perhaps connected some new equipment to the circuit your Silvia is on? You might have been on the edge of the "normal operating area" of the pump and an additional load on the circuit might be pulling things down enough to have an impact.