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My first cup of coffee on my Silvia

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  • My first cup of coffee on my Silvia

    So this morning I made my first cup of coffee on an espresso machine EVER! Needless to say I didn't get it right the first time, but third times a charm (kinda). I'm using a V2 Silvia with an em0480. First try I choked the machine, nothing came out at all! Second time I adjusted the grind setting and still no brown juice, and I overfilled the basket! Third time I adjust the grind again and I finally pull a shot! Didn't look too bad, but I think the basket was still too full because the portafilter was really hard to lock in and the imprint from the shower screen nut was really deep - but it was drinkable! I didn't do anything fancy with the milk, just got it up to temp. I'm just using the plastic tamper that comes with the Silvia, but I'm going to buy a better one - I think the weight in a better one will help me tamp more evenly.

    Now I better go and clean the coffee area, this coffee making business is messy!


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    Hey ya, congrats on your first brew experience. Don't let the poor initial results get to you I unboxed a new silvia for work this week, my first shot was a gusher, the second choked the machine and the third was ok but not great. The fourth shot I nailed. it's all about grind and dose. I had the grind dialed in fast, but it took a couple of good dose attempts to get it right. Now getting cracking pours off the machine every time. With more practice and experience, your work area will be cleaner and neater as you factor in cleanliness to your process.


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      Originally posted by KidSetzer View Post
      Now I better go and clean the coffee area, this coffee making business is messy!
      No one ever tells you that do they?

      There's some really good instructional videos at How to Make Coffee - Coffee Machine Steam Grinders Makers Commercial Domestic Italian Automatic - not for your specific machine but great info on dosing and grind.


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        Yeah, first accessory you should buy when purchasing a Silvia is a decent Tamper The plastic one you can get reasonable-ish results but it's a lot more effort and a lot harder to be consistent.

        If you're using the standard ridged double filter basket that comes with the Silvia the ridge provides a pretty good indication of the dose level you should be shooting for.


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          It's an exciting journey. I've had my Silvia just short of a year now but those first weeks with it were a steep learning curve. I'm still learning as it happens.


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            I bought a 'proper' tamper and it made tamping so much easier! I haven't made a coffee since my last 'success', but today I didn't block the machine. If anything I think the shot came through too fast and the crema was really thin but still drinkable. The tamping level was better but maybe I didn't dose enough and tamp hard enough? But the puck came out in one piece. The beans I am using were roasted on sept 7 and the bag was opened on sept 13 - should I grind courser or finer as beans age?


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              Been having fun with my machine, and pouring some pretty nice shots actually! I do notice that the portafilter is really hard to lock in and my tamp isn't even - one side is at the right level and the other is a few mm higher.. What's the trick to tamping evenly?!


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                If the PF is hard to lock in I suspect you are overdosing and the puck is contacting the shower screen, try reducing the quantity of coffee you are using.
                Re level tamping, depending on the tamper your using try placing the handle in the palm of your hand, place the first and middle finger on the rim of the PF opposite the handle at 12 o'clock and your thumb on the rim at 6 o'clock, when your tamping rotate your hand so that your fingers lightly contact the PF rim, unlevel tamps will immediately be evident.


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                  Hey Kidsetzer,

                  Heres a vid I made different machine I know but technique may prove helpful.

                  The best roast I've tasted - YouTube

                  I had a Silvia as my first machine and it is not so much a tough machine to use but one you'll get to understand through use.

                  The video's about by Scottie C are very helpful as well as he explains grinding and dosing.

                  P.s. get yourself a bag of these beans when your a little more confident you got your technique down.