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Sunbeam EM6910 - What's wrong?... Fixable?

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  • Sunbeam EM6910 - What's wrong?... Fixable?

    New to these forums... but been having great coffees from my Em5600 for approx 6 months now!

    Recently acquired a second hand Em6910.

    Was not a particularly well looked after machine, so been given a good clean inside and out and descaled, reset to factory presets, but...

    When pressing the manual button the pump only works for a few seconds... occasionally is will deliver the full preset of 240mls, but this is only about 1:10 presses.

    Same issue when using the one shot/two shot buttons... will not deliver the proper dose... or indeed ANY dose at times...

    I think this may be a stuffed controller board... am I right?
    Is it fixable?
    Am I wrong?
    If I'm wrong - what are the other possibilities?
    Are they fixable?

    ....or should I just throw it as a bad joke?

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    I did the control board on my second hand 6910 about two years ago (tipped it on its back with the power on and water leaked in - doh) and the new board cost $70-80 (plus labour). Did a pump sometime later - 4 years and 51 weeks into the five year warranty - yes! - and it's been fine ever since. I clean and descale regularly, flush before and after every use and I'm still surprised how good the shots are. I recently coupled it with a Mazzer Mini (thanks, Ron) and now the only problem is me and what I don't know yet about making even better coffee. I'll upgrade eventually, but only when either I'm confident I've learnt all I can on this machine (and I've got some cash) or it dies.

    But then I notice CSer arronplatt selling his two year old 6910 in Melbourne for $225. That's got to be a good deal.


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      All go now?!!! :-)

      Thanks for reply alanc...

      Seems, after doing a backflush/head clean, and leaving it overnight that it is happy again and working perfectly this morning????!

      Oh, well!... cant argue with good luck.

      Got this one for $125NZ on Trademe ...a little rough around the edges, but..

      One thing I have noticed already is that both the coffee and the milk is way hotter (yes, do use a milk thermometer) than from the EM5900... way better, but may dial down the brew temp a little as it has a touch of bitterness.

      Got a Breville BarAroma grinder at the same time... not fine enough for the EM6910 till I did the mod... 15 mins, done, fantastic!... perfect grind for my machine now!

      Awesome forums guys.


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        hi jobiwan

        Well hell, that was an easy fix. Glad it's worked out.