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  • A confession to make ...

    Some weeks ago I posted a message on this forum about my Sunbeam EM6910 not working and did a bit of looking around at other machines, not finding anything to my liking I decided to have another go at making my machine work again after doing some serious researching on this forum.

    I cleaned it, set the thermometer up one setting as per instructions in the Sunbeam Instruction book and then turned my attention to the coffee, I had purchased a Kitchenaid Grinder a couple of weeks before ... I suspected the grind wasn't fine enough and altered the settings as per instruction book. I then experimented on how much coffee to fill the basket and tamper it so the gauge went to the correct setting when pouring into the cup.

    Success - am back to enjoying my daily capucchino and it will be a while before I have to look for another machine

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    You learn a lot from reading this forum, sometimes to the point you find yourself reading stuff which you didn't intend to read but find useful in what you are doing. I have found as long as you can become consistent in how you make your coffee, then you can begin to learn more and advance your style to improve taste and appearance. If you are happy with what you have achieved and leave it at that fantastic too. There are so many variables to making coffee and it becomes overwhelming when things don't seem to me going right, so consistency makes it a lot easier.

    Good to hear your producing coffee you are happy with