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EM6910 Won't Power Off Completely

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  • EM6910 Won't Power Off Completely

    I've noticed that after i finish making coffees in the evening, I clean and backflush the machine and turn it off with the main power button.
    the machine does not actually turn off the heating elements.
    i can come back to it in the morning (8-10 hours) and the machine is still as warm as it was when it was shut down.

    the only way to shut it off is turn off the power-point

    there are NO lights on the machine when it's in this state.
    and it doesn't make is usual relay clicking sounds.
    benefit is the warmup procedure only takes a few seconds.

    i had a good hunt around but could not find this issue specifically.
    anyone had a similar issue?
    i'm an electronics tech so I'll pull it apart again and check for sticking relays, etc but thought i'd see if anyone had experienced the same thing

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    I posted this exact same problem about 8 weeks ago. 99% likely you have a stuck relay. I posted the part number and where you can buy it too.

    Cheers, TassieBean
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      How did i not find that.....

      Thanks phil.

      Yeah after tracing back through the diagrams i've tracked it down to either one of those relays or the transistor that controls them.

      I'll get it back on the bench at work this week and work it out.
      but i'll probably just replace both relays and trannys anyway.

      I have also managed to quieten down my machine quite a lot.
      I found that the water inlet to the steam thermoblock actually was touching the outer housing when the main pump rattled away. not by much, but just enought to transferr a heap of noise to the housing.
      so some nice high-temp, sticky-back foam block was placed on the housing.
      there is also a solenoid which contacts the plastic housing on the opposite side of the machine just above the control board.
      mine makes some strange buzzing noises for a second or two when you begin to purge the shower-head or backflush after pouring a few shots. so i wrapped that in the foam aswell.
      this foam it pretty high density so i stuck a block to all the other removable panels to add some weight and reduce their resonance and it's worked quite well.


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        exact same problem.

        whipped the relay off the board and it was stuck shut.gave it a few boots of 12v across the coil and she freed up>
        have ordered a pair of new ones from farnell (element 14) to replace