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  • BE 860 Questions

    I have owned a breville BES860 for a couple of years now, and have no complaints whatsoever.

    What i would like to know is;
    if anyone is cleaning the machine a different way from the recommended tablets?
    I have been using the tablets in the cup method since the start, (cost $20 per packet of 8).
    is it a better method to use the scalex in the water like the previous machines i have owned?

    And 1 more thing, i can't seem to bring up the post for the grinder adjustments instructions from Barry_Duncan.

    I click on the link, paste it in the web bar and all that pops up is the main page of the forum.


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    Links posted using the previous forum software are no longer valid as the new software uses a totally different address format.

    Is this the post you're looking for?

    Java "Search engines are your friends!" phile
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      Sorry Java,
      Currently at work. Fixing Machines.
      Thanks for the reply but the grinder is a part of the machine in the BES860.
      The information came from;
      But i cannot open this.


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        The old stuff can be found through the Advanced Search at top right of this page.

        I repeat here the method of modifying the BES 860 grinder, developed by Aussiebuddah (jolt) and me.

        Clean out grinder by grinding the last beans, remove bean hoper, remove top grinder burr, remove water tank and drip tray.

        At the top of the back of the machine, remove the two small Phillips head screws.

        Turn the machine upside down on the floor on an old towel to catch any leaks of water and coffee grounds.

        Underneath, at the front are two screws deep within the machine that hold the plastic top, one is hidden by the tamper. Loosen the screws enough to be able to remove the plastic top.

        Turn the machine upright with the roast adjustment knob facing you. Remove the plastic lid. It can’t go far as wires are attached. Remove small screw holding the roast adjustment knob on and jiggle the knob off.

        Mark the teeth of the two cogs where they meet. Lift up the small cog just enough to rotate the large cog, anticlockwise for finer or clockwise for courser. It takes some force to lift the cog. I have done it with my fingers. The last time in used a small claw tack hammer as a leaver. I have now adjusted mine by about 13 cogs anticlockwise to make the grind fine enough with some spare clicks.

        Then reassemble and adjust the grind until it is perfect. It has taken me several goes to get it right.

        I gave my BES 860 to a friend a year ago when I got my Breville Dual Boiler and Smart Grinder and it is still working.

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          Thanks for the info!
          Printing out now for homework.