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from em6910 to ??? request for advice for new machine

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  • from em6910 to ??? request for advice for new machine

    I'm looking for a new espresso machine in the well under $1000 range.

    I have a Sunbeam em0480 coffee grinder, which I'm very happy with, so that's sorted.

    I started on a very cheap sunbeam espresso machine and produced ok shots, so 'graduated' to a second hand em6900 and my espresso quality improved, but the machine had reliability issues!

    I bought an em6910 after reading around on the web and hearing that the well-known em6900 reliability issues had been significantly improved by the em6910, but this too had reliability issues!

    I've loved the ease at which I can produce good quality shots from the em6910 (and em6900), but the machines break, water leaks, ...!

    Anyone have suggestions on a good replacement machine?

    A friend has a Rancilio Silvia, and he is very happy with it, but says it is harder work than the Sunbeam em6900s. I often do 6 or more coffees for friends who come over and I love how I don't have to labor over it. The coffees get done and I get good feedback about the quality.

    Anyone have any feedback on the em7000? I guess it's a bit too early to hear much about the machines breaking down or other issues, but I'd love to hear any experiences from owners. I can't seem to locate much by searching online for reviews. Some stuff, but nothing at all in depth.

    The Breville machines might also be interesting.

    Does the BES840 allow simultaneous pour and steam? I'm guessing not as there is no mention of a dual thermoblock.

    The BES900 looks great, but is out of my price range.

    Any comments on whether I would be likely to be disappointed if I went for a BES840?

    Any feedback appreciated.

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    A reliable , multi shot capable, quality espresso, with simultaneous pour and steam, for well under $1000..???
    ... that is a big ask ..probably impossible, if you are looking to buy new.
    I would suggest you look for a near new NS Oscar maybe,..or hope to get lucky finding a slightly older "Steel box " HX. ??


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      from em6910 to ??? request for advice for new machine

      What problems are you having with the 6910? Could a service help with this? I've had mine since the model came out about 5-6 years ago and it's done me well so far, I don't use the tank filter though and used filtered water. Group gasket needs replacing yearly but it's done well and should continue for a few more years.

      What I do recommend is putting something under the bottom of the back of the drip tray to stop water leaking out from the pressure release exit, I use a small piece of felt.


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        I too had the sunbeam and had nothing but trouble. When it did work it produced great coffee! The steam on the silvia is way better than the sunbeam. I have a silvia now and find it pretty easy to use...the steam doesn't take long to fire up after a shot.


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          >>A friend has a Rancilio Silvia, and he is very happy with it, but says it is harder work than the Sunbeam em6900s.

          Silvia with PID is in your budget. It will be bit slower than sunbeam to make 6 milk coffees. But with PID not to much a hassle I guess.


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            If you are considering upgrading to the new Sunbeam EM7000, which should just be in your price range, it has quite a few improvements on the EM6910, including the steaming. I have a friend who recently replaced his EM6910, which he had used for a number of years, but which was becomings increasingly unreliable and breaking down, with a EM7000. He has had it for about a month or so now, and while still coming to grips with the new features such as the pre-infusion options and stronger steaming, he is very happy so far (especially the steaming which was the main feature breaking down with his 6910), and reckons it's shown up some new bean characteristics he was not getting with the old EM6910. Like the 6910 it also allows simultaneous pour and steam I believe, which was important to him.

            Another major aspect he loves is how much quieter it is apparently.

            As for longevity and breaks down etc, its still too early to comment on that. But if similar to the 6910 + improvements, it could be promising. However I suspect a silvia and its ilk may last longer?

            I believe there is a detailed review somewhere, which gives it a favourable thumbs up, however similarly noted it was too early days to comment on longevity etc.

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              I originally asked the question above and thought it might be helpful to give my experience for anyone else looking at the em7000.

              I've had the machine for about 4 months now. Not enough time to really determine reliability, but still worthy of comment I feel.

              So far I've been really impressed with the em7000.

              I've ran into no reliability issues. You beauty!

              I don't have any issues with the drip tray leaking.

              The machine is noticeably quieter.

              The milk steamer is quicker.

              The quality of the shots produced is quite good.

              I'll endeavor to post again in a few months.