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SIlvia Grouphead Filter Screww Stuck!

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  • SIlvia Grouphead Filter Screww Stuck!

    Hi all,

    The screw on my (newly acquired secondhand) v3 Silvia is stuck, stuck, stuck!

    Tried short & medium arm screwdrivers (counter-clockwise) & it will not budge. Tried it cold (and hot).

    What should I do? I could take the machine upside down and try that way but I really don't think it'd work.

    I am thinking I could try some WD40 but this sounds a little silly, for some reason...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Got it! I am so silly. Noticed it had a hexagonal head: used a shifter and it worked.

    So that raises another two questions:
    1. Should I finger tighten when I reinstall (or tighter?)
    2. Can I use oven cleaner to clean the screen?

    Thanks again.


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      Hi gfish,

      The couple of times i have taken my screen of for cleaning I've put it back in tightening firmly with a short screw driver. As for cleaning I have put some back flush powder in a bowl and left the screen, screw, baskets and portafiter sit for 30min.
      I made sure portafiter handle was not in the solution.


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        Thanks ogip. Much appreciated.


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          For anyone who ends up in the same situation and can't get the screw undone (especially if the screw head is round so you can't try a spanner, or the slot in the head is mangled and the screwdriver slips) the solution of last resort that I sometimes have to use on machines I am servicing is to use a screwdriver to lever up the edge of the shower screen so I can get the tip of a set of needlenose pliers underneath, grab the shower with the pliers and bend one side down almost 90 degrees. Then you can rotate the shower using the pliers to loosen the screw. Obviously you don't want to do this if you don't have to, since it requires you to fit a new shower, but it is sometimes the only way to get things apart. And if this method is necessary, you will likely want to replace the damaged screw at the same time.