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Faema Family User Manual (including grinder)

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  • Faema Family User Manual (including grinder)

    Hi CS'ers,

    A few weeks back I decided to bring my Faema Family espresso machine out from the dark and lonely cupboard it had been hiding in for the last 10 or so years. I bought it new from a well known retailer in Coburg in the late 80's I reckon it would have been , and used it semi regularly until it escaped to the cupboard.

    A quick check and fill, then with fingers crossed, I turned it on. Shortly afterwards I was greeted with a faint hiss and sizzle, but upon hitting the button to fill the boiler I was greeted with silence. Oh well .... "I'll strip it down tomorrow and check it over" I thought.

    Turned out to be a stuck pump as I surmised, so I stripped it down, and following liberal doses of WD40, now seems as good as new. It took a bit of coaxing to prime the pump, but eventually it fired into life.

    A thorough cleansing with mild citric acid solution followed, and now it's back into daily duties

    Of course I had forgotten all the tricks of operation I had learned since day one, even to the extent of how the steam button worked .. haha. I knew I had the user's manual somewhere, and eventually found it .. phew.

    I did find a copy online, but it was missing a few pages relating to the grinder operation (which I didn't buy at the time) and was a little hard to read. So I decided to scan mine and create a pdf for those in dire need. The quality should allow a pretty good print if you want to go to that trouble.

    It's about 20 Mb in size, and you can find it here ....

    ** will add link after I've accrued another 4 posts **

    Over the past week I have been glued to CS forum, and my head is about to explode with all the new info gleaned!

    First up though is a nice grinder, and I've got one picked out to buy, followed shortly thereafter by a roaster. That aspect looks like a heap of fun!

    I shall be along again shortly I expect to pick the brains of fellow Faema Family owners.

    Hopefully I've posted in the appropriate sub forum.


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    Hi there! I would be quite interested indeed! Right now I am taking apart the brass boiler of my Family to replace the leaking heatingcoil and hopefully I'll have my machine up and running again soon.
    So here is your first kind request! :-)
    Thanks so much! Best, Bin


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      G'day Bin,

      I've shot you a PM with where you can grab it for the moment. A few more posts and I'll be able to amend the first post above with where it resides.

      I replaced the heater seals in mine during the last week and the main boiler seal. The old seals were very brittle after 20 odd years .. haha


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        Hello, I just purchased a used Faema Family and grinder and I'd love to get a hold of the manual! Any chance you could post it or email it to me??